Although, we thought we would get a peek of the new Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer during the super bowl we only got new footage From Amazing Spiderman 2 and Captain America 2:  Winter solider. But according to James Gunn and a Source at Marvel we should be seeing the trailer really soon. Director of Guardians of the Galaxy James Gunn had this to say about the delayed release of the trailer.

“Marvel and Disney have had a plan in place for a long time for the rollout of these characters in the biggest and best way possible, serving the widest audience as possible. Trust that they know what they’re doing, as they’ve been through this a few times before. And please be patient.” – James Gunn (Facebook)

We cant wait to see the trailer beyond the seek peek we got during the San Diego Comic Panel. Stay Tuned to Geek-Prime for the release of the Official

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer!

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer