“This will come up in your performance review, Supergirl.”

DEO agent and Alex Danvers’ boss on “Supergirl,” the ever secretive Hank Henshaw had his true identity revealed in last night’s episode. Many speculated that Henshaw was hiding something, and likely was a baddie (not a bad guess) based on the red eyes he’s flashed several times.

red eyes

“Your camera can fix that right?”

The “Supergirl” writers also threw us a bit of a red herring by associating Henshaw with the demise of Alex’s father and Kara’s adoptive dad, Dr. Jeremiah Danvers in a flashback.

But finally, we got a peek behind Henshaw’s mask, and he is none other than:


“What…no Oreos?”

J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter!

It’s very fitting that Alex’s boss is the Last Son of Mars, and we can all rest easy now since J’onn is most definitely a good guy. Now that we have the character that has been in nearly every iteration of the Justice League, will we see more JLA (or JLI, JLE, etc) members in “Supergirl?” And when will J’onn get to meet The Big Guy?

Anyone that was on the fence about the CBS freshman, this should firmly plant you on the “DVR this show” side.

What do you think about J’onn J’onzz being introduced on “Supergirl?” Does it change your opinion of the show? And how do you think J’onn will affect the tone and direction of the show?

Hank Henshaw Revealed on “Supergirl!”