With the Destiny 2.0 update the Crucible offers Players a chance to try out new games modes but the Ghost shells are the real goal and how to get them. During the Crucible some players will focus on the weapons but the Key is light level and getting it to the current max of 170. I have seen some players with as high as a 175 but its mostly due to having a Necro Auto rifle & a Taken King Ghost shell with a 170 Light level.

Below are some ways we have seen players around the web get their hands on one of the newest items in the game.

Replay the Games story missions
Accept quest from different vendors in the tower
Play Public Events
Compete in the crucible 

or the Easiest way to get a level 170 Ghost Shell … Buy it from the speaker for 800 glimmer!

#POW hope that helps guardians!

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How to get a Ghost Shell Destiny Taken King