May 16 will bring forth a new dawn for the tormented DC heroes that exist within the universe of “Injustice,” and another bloody battle is set to begin. Following the defeat of the High Councilor, Batman’s Insurgency will face new threats from those who wish to continue Superman’s brutal regime as well as taking on the invasion of Brainiac, but not without stopping a secret society of villains.


The new trailer features brief appearances from Poison Ivy and Bane. And it, of course, wouldn’t be an Injustice trailer without showing the brewing civil war between heroes, notably an all-out battle between Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Bruce Wayne against his “offspring” Damien.

 Injustice 2 Trailer:

The sequel is set to feature the largest roster of DC characters ever made available in a fighting game, featuring the likes of Gorilla Grodd, Reverse Flash, Powergirl, IJohn Stewart’s Green Lantern, and Deadshot, fresh from his starring turn in last summer’s “Suicide Squad,” where he was portrayed by Academy Award nominee Will Smith.


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Injustice 2 Trailer Teases Characters & Villain