Iron Man 3 Was awesome and we plan to write a Full review and Also any notes we have about Easter eggs in the movie and Appearances from other Marvel characters.

To see the Post credits scene your gonna have to wait 10 minutes to see it and its the scene below. THe Iron Man 3 After credits scene is a scene that features Bruce Banner (The Hulk) and he is listening … well trying to listen to Tony talk about his childhood. Then Bruce expresses to Tony that He is not hat kind of doctor. Watch the scene below if the Video no longer plays Download the Video here :  

*Dr. Bruce Banner fell asleep and Tony Stark didn’t stop talking*

Tony Stark: You know and thank you by the way for listening. That’s something about getting it off my chest and putting it out there in the atmosphere instead of holding this in. I mean this is what get people sick you know. Wow i have no idea you’re such a good listener, to be able to share all my intimate thoughts my experiences with someone its just cuts the weight of it in half. Its like a snake swallowing its own tail, everything comes in full circle and the fact that you’re able to help me process…you heard me?

Dr. Bruce: Ya we were at the…

Tony Stark: You were actively napping?

Dr. Bruce: I was…i i i drifted

Tony Stark: Where did i lose you?

Dr. Bruce: Elevator in Switzerland

Tony Stark: So you heard none of it?

Dr. Bruce: I’m sorry I am not that kind of doctor, I am not a therapist, its not in my training, I don’t have the…

Tony Stark: What…the time?

Dr. Bruce: temperament

Tony Stark: no now that i think about it oh god my original wound, 1983. Alright i was 14 years old i still got a nanny. That was weird.




Tony Stark will return

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