So we just came across some leaked concept art thanks to CBR that shows us to suits of armor that will possibly make an appearance in Iron Man 3.


Recently we reported that with a leak from a Lego toy company Iron Man 3 would feature Tony stark in a Space suit Possibly in the End credits of the Iron Man 3 Movie. Which means that we could possibly see Iron Man make an Appearance ether in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie or we could see one or all of the Guardians of the Galaxy  making an appearance during the after credit scene of Iron Man 3. The Deep Space Armor shown below is pretty cool and really does speak to the Problems of High Attitude Iron Man has faced in Previous movies. For Example, During the First Iron Man Movie Jarvis (Iron Man’s A.I) even tells Tony Stark that if he plans to travel to other planets he may want to “improve the exosystems.”.

Check out the Written Transcript of the scene Below from IMDB. (Happens right after the Mark 2’s First Flight)

Tony Stark: Attitude control is a little sluggish above 15,000 meters, I’m guessing icing is the probable cause.
Jarvis: A very astute observation, sir. Perhaps, if you intend to visit other planets, we should improve the exosystems.
Tony Stark: Connect to the sys. co. Have it reconfigure the shell metals. Use the gold titanium alloy from the seraphim tactical satellite. That should ensure a fuselage integrity while while maintaining power-to-weight ratio. Got it?


Iron Man Deep Space Armor Concept art

So with That little suggestion we can imagine Jarvis and Tony Stark already having an Idea of what modifications need to be made so that the Suit would be able to go into Orbit or atleast Sub-Orbit.
This deleted scene from Iron Man 2 which we see Tony Stark, James Rhodes and Pepper on the Sub orbital Jet.


As far as the Hulk-Buster Iron Man armor is concerned The concept doesn’t Make sense for Iron Man 3 because it presents too many story lines in one movie. Iron Man 3 already has a Villain Line -up of The Mandarin and A.I.M and possibly even an Extermis Story line or the Plot of Iron Man 3! So we think the Hulk buster Concept art is for another plot that is focused around The Hulk. Such as the possibility the 3rd Avengers movie centering around the Return of the Hulk to take on Earth’s Mightest Heroes. In this situation we see Tony Stark needing the Hulk Buster Armor. Plus as we said before he has been working on a “Solution” to General Ross’s Problem (Being the Hulk) since the end of the last hulk movie. So maybe we finally get to see what the “Solution” is. Could it be the Hulk buster armor? Well we can only wait and hope.


Hulk Buster Concept Art

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