Iron man 3 Don Cheadle Poster

The newest Iron man 3 poster has been released and its in the same artistic style as the Avengers poster. The Avengers poster was released by section and divided by character . Each peice was release on its on so we expect the same to happen here with the Iron man 3 Posters. This poster features Don Cheadle and looks to also be Painted by Charlie Wen (Marvel’s In house concept artist). It would seem that this Image of War Machine AKA James Rhodes which will be put together with the other images of characters from Iron man 3 as well.


Just like with the avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy in this Large image montage of Phase II marvel universe. IMAGE HERE. The New Iron man 3 poster will be apart of Marketing material Fans will have to puzzle together like they did for the avengers. If Charlie Wen’s art style tells us anything its that this is one massive painting and is already complete at marvel headquarters somewhere in a locked away studio … to be a fly on that wall (with a digital camera of course lol).

Check out the image below of the complete Ironman 3 poster and alos the Full Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy poster.

As you can see the Avengers poster once put together is pretty cool and gives a great experience and preview of the movie without giving too much away. Stay tuned for more from Iron man 3 as we will get you exclusives on the Iron man 3 posters as they are released.

Iron man 3 Poster Featuring the Cast