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We’re still more than a year out from Justice League, Part 1, but we have yet another morsel to pour over! In an interview with Wales Online (what’s that, not in your news RSS?), Julian Lewis Jones teased a top secret role in the superhero team-up. For everyone who doesn’t have WO bookmarked, you would likely recognize Jones as one of Nelson Mandela’s bodyguards in Invictus. Jones mysteriously teased the role like this:

“I’m not allowed to say yet what part I play but let’s just say I’ve a role in what will likely be the most expensive film ever made…[i]’m just happy to have been involved.”

Let the wild speculation begin! What role could he be teasing? Will it be a major part, or just a bit cameo? Let’s assume (since it’s more fun) he wouldn’t tease a small part. Here’s our lineup:


He’s British, he’s tall and physically fit…did we mention he’s British? Those are all the hallmarks of your typical baddie. As Darkseid’s trusted general, he would really have to bring some badassery to the screen; but we wonder how much of him we’d really see, given that one of the clips out of BvS seems to show Lex Luthor communicating with Steppenwolf in full CGI. Would they do practical effects? Or have we gone so far as to just need a British accent over animated villains to convey evilness? Toss up here.

Captain Marvel (Shazam)

We had to include this, especially since Billy Batson will likely figure prominently somewhere in the DCEU, given the Shazam solo film on the schedule (with the perfectly-cast Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam). If he could bulk up to Henry Cavill-sized proportions, and they could get a good child actor to play Billy, this is a long stretch. It’s all but eliminated with the fact we doubt Captain Marvel will be a part of Justice League, Part 1, and maybe not even in Part 2. Interesting to consider, though. We give it a less-than 20% chance.


Could he be the Sorcerer of Atlantis? Atlanteans beyond Aquaman have already been confirmed, and there are some rumors that the opening takes place way yonder in the past…so maybe? If so, he could be an interesting B-story baddie, or even a not-yet-friend. The Mage has been known to be not-so-cuddly with Superman in recent years, and could cause trouble for the newly-formed League. This one is a 60-40 deal.

Red Tornado

He did say it would be “the most expensive film ever made,” and you could certainly throw a bundle of money at visual effects making Reddy’s powers come to life. We have no idea how much CBS spent making the Supergirl version of the android, but he would probably be a bigger, badder, REDDER version. Bonus: on the subject of androids, maybe B-storyline villain Amazo? If T.O. Morrow is running around the DCEU, they could certainly bring Dr. Ivo in, especially after featuring him on Arrow (sans killer robot).


Adam Strange

DC can’t let Marvel be the only studio with a cinematic character named Strange, right? And after all, if we’re considering Red Tornado, that means folks from Raan are coming over to Earth. So why not the Earthman-turned-Raan-hero? This one is about as likely as Captain Marvel, but hey it would certainly open things up for Green Lantern!

Mr. Miracle

With the impending march of Darkseid, and the all-but-certain arrival of Steppenwolf, our heroes would need someone to help them. Who better than the true son of Highfather and survivor of Apokolips? He and Batfleck sure would have a lot to discuss! Bonus on this: flip it around, and he could be Orion. The son of Darkseid and champion of the New Gods would be an interesting role to find in JL, Part 1. But it would be great setup for Part 2 and the arrival of the big bad.


The Martian Manhunter

Check it out, he’s got a good bone structure for it and even the right last name! The Oreo-loving alien has been most recently portrayed by African-American actors in Smallville and Supergirl (And why not? He’s a shapeshifter after all, and his real skin color is green!) The post-Final Crisis team non-withstanding, Martian Manhunter has been in every incarnation of the Justice League, so we like this one!


After all this, who do you think Jones is playing? One of the roles we listed, or a totally different one? Let us know!

“Justice League” Casts Mystery Role!