Justice League: War Trailer

After the credits of Flashpoint we got a sneak peek at a scene that showed us a Bunch of paradeamons flying into the screen. Although the clip only lasted a few seconds it was enough to give a huge hint at the subject matter for the next DC animated film. Since Flashpoint was based in Earth 2 and although at the end it seems to have been destroyed, flash does go back in time and stop it from ever happening. With that being said if DC Animated films follow the story lines of the “Nu52” even remotely. Just like flashpoint lead the way for the new comic Book volumes the flashpoint animated movie can do the same for the films.

Now we have an announcement from DC that the next animated film will be “Justice League: War” and with the preview in the after credits of “Flashpoint”¬†we know that the new animated film’s Earth 2 will follow the same story as the “Nu52” Earth 2. In this storyline we see our heroes have very different lives. although their origins remain close the status of the earth and its heroes is Much Different. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on DC Comics new animated feature “Justice League: War”!

Also Below is a Preview from the pages of DC Comic’s Earth 2, this may be a scene that we will see in the animated movie.

Justice League:War Trailer

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Justice League: War