Actor, meme, and author Keanu Reeves (BRZRKR creator/co-author) was joined by Matt Kindt (BRZRKR co-author), Ron Garney (BRZRKR artist), and Eric Harburn (BOOM! Studios senior editor) at a virtual panel for New York Comic Con’s Metaverse event.

Together, they discussed the foundation of BRZRKR, and how the idea came to life (with a little help from Kickstarter). Their campaign helped raise over $1.4 million for the 12-issue (three-volume trade) comic book.

Reeves discussed the process of creating his first comic book character, and Kindt revealed the unique dynamic of their writing partnership to figure out what works and what…well, doesn’t.

Garney, who has illustrated everything from runs of Captain America and The Amazing Spider-Man to Justice League of America. His process of translating from Reeves’ and Kindt’s imaginations to the page involved acting scenes out, and even not planning out panels before putting pencil to paper.

The story follows a seemingly immortal soldier as he fights battles for the U.S. government while searching for his half-divine origins, and how (or if) he can ever die.

So when can I get it?

BOOM! Studios is planning for a September 2021 Volume 1 release, followed by Volume 2 in April 2022 and Volume 3 in September 2021.

Check out the panel:

Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR at NYCC’s Metaverse