If you haven’t Fallen for Maggie (Lauren Cohan) From the walking dead by now! Well Before the fourth season of walking dead starts your going to. For the October Issue of Maxim Lauren Cohan got a little relaxed, cleaned up and sexy for a photo shoot for a Spread in Maxim Magazine. Lauren Cohan’s Maxim photo shoot features the Walking Dead Star in Various sexy Poses.

Check out Lauren Cohan’s Maxim Photos below and let us know what you think!

The Walking Dead will return for its highly anticipated fourth season on October 13th later this year, presumably at 9P.M. EST as per usual on AMC. And dont forget to Follow us for all of your walking dead news and updates!

Lauren Cohan’s Maxim Photo shoot

Lauren Cohan-Maxim-photoshoot-2

Lauren Cohan-Maxim-photoshoot-1Lauren Cohan-Maxim-photoshoot-9Lauren Cohan-Maxim-photoshoot-8Lauren Cohan-Maxim-photoshoot-7Lauren Cohan-Maxim-photoshoot-6Lauren Cohan-Maxim-photoshoot-3Lauren Cohan-Maxim-photoshoot-5

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