Earlier this month, Geek Prime was lucky enough to score a spot in Legends of Tomorrow‘s Ciara Renee’s (Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl) press availability. Renee fielded questions ranging from non-TV performances (namely her role in Broadway’s Big Fish), Hollywood diversity (check out our article on that) and being the first TV Hawkgirl (along with the “most clothed” as she put it).

But one of our favorite discussions was when she was asked about the Supergirl/The Flash musical crossover coming this season. The Broadway vet quickly jumped on the idea, sadly saying she hasn’t been approached about joining the romp. She wasn’t shy about her interest, though, saying:

“I literally asked them from day one…”so like, there’s so many Hawkgirl lives, she’s gotta be good at singing, right?”

Renee even floated the idea of the show visiting 1930s Paris, where Saunders’ previous incarnation lived as a jazz singer. She was even gracious to a joke about singing “Wind Beneath My Wings.” Despite the irony, don’t expect to see her at a karaoke night belting that particular tune out.

But what if Legends had a musical episode? We had to know who would sink and who would (pun warning!) soar. After careful consideration Renee told us that cast mate Dominic Purcell would “struggle maybe,” following up quickly by saying “I don’t know Dom’s singing ability.” We’re sure he understands, but we’d love to hear that rumbly voice warble out a tune. Maybe they can visit the late 90s?

“I know that Franz [Drameh, the Jefferson Jackson half of Firestorm] would try the hardest. He tries so hard to sing and I love it…but everyone else, Wentworth [Miller, Leonard Snart a.k.a Captain Cold] sang before, Victor [Garber, the Prof. Martin Stein half of Firestorm] sang before. I don’t know if Brandon [Routh, Ray Palmer a.k.a. The Atom] has…I don’t know, I’ve never heard him sing. Caity [Lotz, Sara Lance a.k.a. White Canary] is a cute little singer. She was in a girl group, so obviously she can sing…I think Arthur [Darvil, timemaster Rip Hunter] would probably do the best, though. He has such a good voice.”

With talk of singing Flarrowverse actors, John Barrowman’s name inevitably came up, which interested Renee, though she noted the Malcolm Merlin actor is “exhausting,” saying “he has so much more energy than me. I’m 25 and he’s…so much older. He has so much energy.” The room got a good chuckle, and we’re sure the energetic Barrowman won’t hold it against her. But she did admit it would have a lot of fun to bring the fan favorite aboard. We can only imagine what kind of havoc the deceptive and calculating assassin could wreak on our plucky crew.

But while there won’t be any musical episodes of Legends, there will be plenty of surprises this year. From the addition of Stargirl and Sandman to what appears to be a sweet new Waverider, we’re sure there will be plenty to keep our favorite time-jumpers busy. And who knows? There’s always 1930s Paris.

Stay tuned for our full Ciara Renee interview.

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