At Atalanta’s DragonCon 2016, Legends of Tomorrow stars Arthur Darvill (timemaster Rip Hunter), Falk Hentschel (Carter Hall/Hawkman), Ciara Renee (Kendra Sauncers/Hawkgirl) and Casper Crump (the immortal Vandal Savage) talked…well, time travel.


The Waverider crew members (and their nemesis) pointed out from the top that Captain Hunter is a flat-out bad timemaster. Going from imploring others to respect the timeline to stomping on it for his own self interest, Darvill even admitted “he’s not very good at his job.”

Despite that, the one-time companion of The Eleventh Doctor said if he had to choose between the Waverider and the TARDIS: “I like being on the Waverider because it’s mine. But I do love the TARDIS dearly. When I left…I did take some of the parts with me.”


Don’t Forget the Dramamine!

Even a light viewing of Legends‘ first season will show you that time travel has some weird effects on the heroes. Well, most of them. Henschel revealed he wanted Carter to get a shot of adrenaline from each jump, but he and Renee were told to act “mildly dazed.”

“I feel like the hawks were just like, meh,” she added.

Darvill, on the other hand tried to add his own flair to the fearless leader.

“I always thought it really does affect Rip but he tries to [play it off]. So I tried to put in a few twitches with I don’t think made it through the edit because they were like, ‘what is he doing?'”

He did give plenty of suggestions for the writers to consider in season two:

“[A good side effect would be] uncontrollable legs. CAN’T STOP SHOUTING. I’M SORRY, WE’VE JUST JUMPED IN TIME, IT’LL WEAR OFF IN A MINUTE!”

As for the villainous Savage?

“Vandal farts a lot…with no sound, but it’s there.” Ladies and gentlemen, Casper Crump.

Where in the timestream…

The costars took turns picking out the time periods their characters would prefer to live in if they had the chance.

Ciara Renee:

“I think Kendra is such a contemporary lady…she would want to be in the present, because she was alway like ‘oh, I’m so happy I don’t have to wear a skirt anymore. I want to be in pants, I hate the ’50s and everything like that. So I feel like it would be hard for her to be in any other time period than the present.”

Falk Hentschel:

“I think Carter would love William Wallace Scotland or Egypt, because he loves to wear dresses or kilts. They’re just so damn comfortable. I was in my little mini-skirt in Egypt and I was like, ‘this is nice.’ You just had to be careful when you sit.”

Casper Crump:

“I know this isn’t how they invisioned the television series, but I would like to go back to when Vandal was a caveman and explore that. It would be very comfortable. [Henschel: ‘So you just want to be naked?’] Yeah, yeah pretty much.”

Arthur Darvill:

“Any time [Rip] could…actually be a hero. He’s so not very good at being a hero…he can be quite diplomatic with people. So a time like the Old West, or I think he’d really fit in Medieval England.”

As for us, we’re choosing to live in this epic moment:

What about you? What time period would you travel to if you were in command of the Waverider? What interesting or wacky time travel side effects do you think the writers should add in season two? Let us know!

“Legends of Tomorrow” Cast on Time Travel