So Ms. Lohan has Decided to send her lawyers after Rockstar Games claiming that they used her image for the cover of Grand Theft Auto V. Also they claim that Rockstar referenced situations from her life In game missions.

TMZ says Lohan’s lawyers are putting together a case consisting of three scenarios where she believes the company used her likeness without permission. One side mission has players helping a supposed Lohan look-alike in escaping from the paparazzi, while another side mission has the player taking photos of a woman at a place resembling the Chateau Marmont, where Lohan formally resided.

The last instance has Lohan claiming that Rockstar used her likeness as a model for the bikini woman used in marketing ads. In this case, the actual model, Shelby Welinder, has come forward providing her invoice for the project as proof that she was the model used.

We don’t see this going to court but its likely Lindsay Lohan is just trying to go to court for a reason other then to avoid jail. Stay tuned for more news.


We leave you with one of these Scenes from the game Apparently Mimicking Ms. Lohan’s Life. … what a life lol

Region capture 201

Lindsay Lohan Suing Rockstar Games