Who needs mutants anyway! Agents of Shield has inhumans & Aliens

Here is why we think the show is about to make a huge jump in ratings & fan following. But first lets talk about what happened in the last episode and then discuss if Skye is an Inhuman or an Alien Or maybe even both!

In the aftermath of Captain America: Winter Solider, Hydra has pretty much destroyed SHIELD and Any Government authority they had. But during the after credits of Captain America Winter Soldier we see that Hydra had secret Facilities all along and have been doing experiments on “Volunteers”. We think this is in line with the same work that Raina was doing with her Centipede  serum.


Raina has being doing research on what she calls “Special people” sometimes volunteers. Mike (Death lock) approaches her to ask why she helped give up his son. She answers him and says that she was on a search for people like him and her who have something inside something ” Special”.  When she says this the first thing I thought and actually Jumped on the couch and yelled, Inhumans! Kree! Skrull!

With the recent relaunch of the Inuman franchise at Marvel comics with story lines like “Inhumanity”, “Ms.Marvel”  and ties to the infinity ending when Black Bolt released a worldwide Terragene Mist. Marvel is leaving the mutant story line to Disney and moving to the era of Inhumans and aliens. But well talk more about this later, back to Agents of Shield talk!

Raina calls ward to talk about something she found out about skyy, she tells ward she is going to take it straight to Garrett  but he stops her. In this moment she reveals what she knows about skyys past & tells Ward that Skye was an “084” (object of unknown Origin). Now from what we have seen in the past episodes this does not have to mean alien technology. She goes on to tell ward that she heard of a Baby long ago that disappeared and the last known location was a village in china and everyone in that village was killed by monsters looking for the child. Ward ask if the parents were killed as well and she tells him the monsters were the parents. 

When I think of the possibility of SKye being an alien there are only two races of aliens that this could be. One it could be that skye is a Skrull and is in a currently human state since Skrulls have the ability to shape shift. But if this is true once the Kree DNA was injected into her she should have had a worst reaction. Now, if she is an Inhuman it would make more since as to why she did not have a Bad reaction to the GH-325 (Kree Blood). Because according Marvel Inhumans share DNA with Kree because the Kree thousands of years ago Came to earth and use their DNA to experiment on humans. And the terragenesis that happens to Inhumans causes them to transform into other creatures or develop powers.

This bring me to the Agents of SHIELD Season 1 Finale and the clip below:

Garrett “Sees the universe” like Agent Coulson did when he got the GH-325 injected into him from the blue Alien (Kree) in the Guest house. Here is a screen cap of what Agent Coulson saw once he got the GH-325. 

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 4.23.56 PM
As you can see its only a glimpse of the “Universe”, the reason I think Garrett is able to see more of it is because of the additional Centipede serum he already had in his system. So Back to Skye, we think Skye is an Inhuman and her Parents “The Monsters” Are actually inhumans as well. This would explain why there is no trace of them after they killed that village. Its possible they are living in one of the remote inhuman tribes located on earth. We also think Skye is Inhuman because there have been multiple references to her having “Powers” and the Kree nor the Skrull have Power except the Skrull Naturally can shape shift. (Except for super skrull who was given powers to take out the fantastic four.)

So in conclusion, we think all the evidence points to marvel introducing the Skrull and Kree into the Agents of SHILED TV show. We also think since SHIELD is kinda no More marvel might have an opportunity to bring the other secret agency SWORD into the mix. With a possible coming alien Threat they would play a key role in defending earth to prevent events like the new york Avengers event from happening again.

Let me know what you guys think! DO you think Skye is an Alien or an Inhuman?


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