Meteor Crash in Russia

Meteorite Crash in Russia


Meteorite Crash in Russia

Meteor in russia


So Apparently a large Meteorite Crashed in Russia earlier today in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia and reports are coming in from all over the area. Nearby Office buildings were evacuated and some schools and officials are saying that this was a single Meteor.

More UPDATES: The military reported that they shot the Object down (meteor ) 20 km above ground.  And used a missile to partially destroy it.

UPDATE: BBC is reporting over 900 injuries and more, Its still all unconfirmed but more videos and reports are still coming in.

We all heard the news that a meteor was supposed to pass by earth Early friday but reports are still unconfirmed weather this meteor that has crashed in Russia is connected.

Here is a report from earlier this week that talked about meteor DA12 that we were expected to pass close by earth Friday.

On Friday, Feb. 15, the Earth is going to get a very close shave by an asteroid*. Called 2012 DA14, this 50 meter (160 foot) rock will pass just over 27,000 kilometers (17,000 miles) from the Earth’s surface. This is closer than our geosynchronous satellites, so this really is a close pass!

But, to be very clear: This asteroid poses no threat to us right now, nor in the foreseeable future. Friday’s miss is just that: a miss. And, in fact, this is a good thing, since any time an asteroid gets close (but misses), we learn a lot, including how to find them, how to track them, and even how to talk about them to the public.

UPDATE: We have  atone of media and tweets from Russia showing Video footage of the Meteor Crashing and damage it caused. Meteorite Crash in Russia

Падение метеорита (Original Video of Meteor Crashing in Russia)



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Meteorite Crash in Russia VIDEO