Officially Call of Duty: Ghost is confirmed and Teased on the Official Call Of Duty Website. When you head over to you are redirected to a URL that is Strange but Pretty Cool.  <<< This is the URL for the website of Call Of Duty: Ghost.

We took a Screen Cap of the Site and posted it Below who knows if its a mistake or how long it will be up on the website.

Call Of Duty Ghost

We did some Digging Around the website and found a few interesting things. The First was a High res Image of the skull background with a mosaic of Profile photos from users from around the world who have been added to the website.

Call of Duty Ghost Mosaic

Next Digging a-little Deeper we found the exact link to the App created by Hyperactivate. Check out the Raw App here before the Iframe Embed. :

By hitting the “Find Me” Button you can add yourself to the Mosaic or by using Twitter and adding the hashtag #Callofduty you can get on the Mosaic as well.

We reported earlier that a few retailers in the UK had Mistakenly release a page for the sell of the game and confirmed the name will be “Call of Duty: Ghost”.

Check out the site below and tell us your thoughts!

New Call of Duty: Ghost Teaser