Playstation 4
Check out the New playstation 4 and its new system share features, the new unique system is all about connecting the users to their gameplay and friends. Watch the Replay Below!

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Playstation 4: Killzone: Shadow Fall
Obviously showing off some Impressive Graphics Guerrilla Games showed a demo of their new game “Killzone: Shadow Fall” and its futuristic alien world. Being thrown into a full scale battle the graphics are impressive but the gameplay is nothing we have not seen before. Giving us the feel of a game that combines the best of the industry (Gears of war, Halo, Assassins Creed and Call of Duty ) with a bit of Max Payne slow mo. Again the Graphics were extremely impressive but the gameplay demo was not.

Playstation 4: Driveclub
Also we got a Demo of Evolution Studios “Driveclub” a game about driving the best cars in the world in the best places. The game is one of the first to make Driving Games social and co-op on the PS4. Integrating social media and hand held devices like cell phones and iOS tablets. The cars have some amazing details like the “Hennessy: Venom” that features full materials and parts of the entire car. The Game engine offers a very impressive experience of the car and its construction down to getting in the car and strapping in. Hopefully we get some future details on the game play and racing co-op modes.

Playstation 4: Infamous 2nd Son 
Next, up … From the Sucker Punch studio 2nd son

Playstation 4: The Witness
Playstation continues to boost about its Open platform. Jonathan Blow Introduced “The Witness” a game about exploring and solving puzzles while finding solutions to intense and complex problems. The game seems very Bright and dreamy not really too focused on the realistic graphics of the other games shown. More about figuring out intense puzzles and connecting the small Island the game takes place on rather then things exploding or killing … -_- we prefer explosions.

David Cage From Quantic Dream starts off by talking about the emotional connection between Viewers and movies and the Playstation 4. The engine they developed for the games offers polygon systems that boost models that are up to 30,000 polygons.

Media Molecule Presented a system to allow users to record their dreams via the Playstation 4. The result?! 2 years of research and over coming the “Tyranny of the Polygon”. Using the Playstation Move controller they developed a system for users to use the “Move controller” to create virtual 3D models some what like the ‘Z brush’ program.  The showed a demo of a dream coming to life, Not only does the move controller allow you to create 3D models you can also take those models and become a sort of virtual Puppeteer. Finally they presented the playstation as the “Creative Console”.

Capcom Presented … NOT Street Fighter but …. “Always moving Forward” talking about the timeline of Playstation technology back to the first resident evil and Devil may cry. Capcom has been working on a new Engine Code name “Panta Rhei” and showed a demo of  “Deep Down” (Working Title). Set in what looks like Medieval times with Dragons and Dragon slayers “Deep Down” is currently under development using the “Panta Rhei” Engine.

Square Enix … Presenting  a demo of the real time capabilities of their new game engine. Showing off some impressive particle graphics with motion capture integrations the Enix engine for the Playstation 4 does offer some impressive optimizations for the systems hardware.

Hours later and Endless presentations …

…. Ubisoft, Watch Dogs … watching People … Full DEMO! … pretty cool one of the most Promising Games and might be worth buying the system just for this game! More here …

Blizzard Entertainment Presents Diablo 3 on Playsation 4 ! Pretty cool!

Activision, Bungie Plans to Release “Destiny”  on the PS4!

….Finally the Playstation 4 Gaming system.

… Not … Playstaion just wasted 2 hours of my Halo time … smh

New Playstation 4 Revealed!