DC snatched the “movie anticipation” role away from the absent Marvel, and capitalized on it with two big trailers. Warner Brothers debuted the new Suicide Squad trailer at their San Diego Comic Con, and it was billed as an exclusive for the crowd at the panel.

But we all know that there’s always someone in the audience with a camera rolling, and the trailer was leaked online within hours. The quality left a lot to be desired, but hey…if you want to see it, bad quality is better than nothing.

Squad director David Ayer decided if the trailer was going to be out there, it might as well be good quality. So Warner Brothers posted the HD trailer on YouTube, and it’s epic.

The trailer opens with Amanda Waller dining with military honchos and explaining the Squad’s mission statement, as it were. From there, mayhem ensues.

It features Waller, Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Rick Flagg pretty heavily. We also get a good look at Killer Croc (Hannibal Lecter-style at first), Captain Boomerang (apparently dropping rank for the movie), and quick shots of El Diablo, Slipknot and Katana.

One of the cooler features was a closer look at Enchantress, since magic is a tougher thing to get the audience to accept, but factors pretty heavily in the DCU (like an effective way to counter Supes). Could she be a setup for a future Shadowpact movie…or at least a nod? (Aside on that: Detective Chimp could go either way, successful like Rocket Raccoon or goofy. Nightshade and Blue Devil would likely be done well. Ragman could also go either way, but would likely be similar to Scarecrow. Nightmaster, meh.)

Of course they close it off with Joker being nuts, and we see that he doesn’t seem to have ALL the tattoos featured in the teaser pic Ayer put on Twitter a few months ago, but he does have some, including the teardrop-esque “J” under his eye, and the faux-grillz on his teeth. We have no idea who he’s threatening (just to hurt, real bad), or how Waller plans on controlling him, but it’s good to see him out and about.

There’s also a nice little cameo by Batman, in a scene a few Toronto natives posted the filming of a while back. So it seems The Dark Knight is MORE than just the “urban legend” we were led to believe of his role in the movie. And after the badass way he takes on Krypton’s Last Son in the most recent Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, he’s definitely a welcome addition.

But it’s clear from the trailer that Harley and Floyd Lawton are the main draws for now…the Clown Prince non-withstanding. Still no sightings of the confirmed Hugo Strange or rumored Deathstroke; but no worries, this movie is JAM PACKED with baddies.

The only problem? Waiting another 13 months to see the finished product. Until then, keep it here for more updates and let us know what you think of the new trailer!