The Shannara Chronicles is gearing up for its season premiere on October 11th, and we could not be more excited. We interviewed the cast of this hit MTV show at last year’s comic con after their very first season, and we are thrilled to see the adaptation of the popular fantasy novels come back to the small screen with more action, adventure, and romance.

GP: What’s in store for our hero Will this season?

AUSTIN BUTLER: Will is off on his journey to become a healer, but he’s not in a good place. He’s abusing the power of the elf stones, and he’s lost all hope. Something happens this season, and it’s the catalyst for him leaving that and going off on this new adventure.

GP: Who’s your favorite new character on the show?

IVANA BAQUERO: I really like Garet Jax, becuase he’s quite a badass. He’s similar to Eretria, I mean, he is a mercenary, so he is a little different, but he has has the best fight moves. I think all the new characters really bring something else this season.

GP: How has Allanon’s relationship with Bandon evolved in Season 2?

MANU BENNETT: Allanon feels like he’s responsible for Bandon. When Allanon tried to help him build his gift, he built a monster. It’s kind of like Allanon’s dealing with his own Frankenstein, in a way. But he’s trying to save him – Allanon sees Bandon as a surrogate son.

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