Check out the New Thor: The Dark world Trailer! We got a sneak peek at Comic Con But now we get the Full version in all of its Awesome Glory. Also we took some High Res Screen caps so you can get a better look at some of the most powerful moments from the trailer.

thor2-trailer-caps-25  thor2trailer-caps-1 thor2trailer-caps-2 thor2trailer-caps-3 thor2trailer-caps-4 thor2trailer-caps-5 thor2trailer-caps-7 thor2trailer-caps-8 thor2trailer-caps-9 thor2trailer-caps-10 thor2trailer-caps-11 thor2trailer-caps-12 thor2trailer-caps-13 thor2trailer-caps-14 thor2trailer-caps-15 thor2trailer-caps-16 thor2trailer-caps-17 thor2trailer-caps-18 thor2trailer-caps-19 thor2trailer-caps-20 thor2trailer-caps-21 thor2trailer-caps-22-1  thor2trailer-caps-24 thor2trailer-caps-25 thor2trailer-caps-26 thor2trailer-caps-27 thor2trailer-caps-28 thor2trailer-caps-29 thor2trailer-caps-30 thor2trailer-caps-31 thor2trailer-caps-32 thor2trailer-caps-33 thor2trailer-caps-34

Official Thor: The Dark World Trailer