SO Marvel released a Preview of the New Xmen here at Comic -Con and ALso a Preview of the new sentinels for the “X-men: Days of Futures Past” Movie! what do you think of the New Bishop and also the New metal … I mean Plastic heads! (Spoiler Alert) 😛

OmarSy -Bishop-xmen-days-of-futures-past

New Sentinels:
X-Men: Days of Future Past may Be one of the biggest films from the X-Men Franchise. Last week we learned that Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage would be joining the cast of “Xmen: Days of Future Past”. And this week we get an announcement from director Bryan Singer Via his Mega Marketing Machine for the movie AKA twitter that Omar Sy will be joining the cast as well.


Any guesses who he might play? … we are thinking he would be a great Bishop. But its anyones guess because he could simply be a human chracter from the future but we doubt that Singer would make such an announcement for such a small role.

Art work from Cable #4:
Bishop in X-Men- Days of Future Past -2014

So check back often and we will keep you updated on “X-men: Days of future past” Movie news and updates.


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