Planet Hulk Movie

With the Captain America 2 in the works and Thor 2 in Post production we are gearing up for the “Guardians of the Galaxy” and a then a transition into the 2nd Avengers movie. But what about Phase 3 of Marvels movie plans Many have speculated that there will be an Avengers 3 but what about the in between movies?  We know from our sources at Marvel and the geek-nets that there is an In-Humans Movie in the works and we also know that Mark Ruffalo has signed a 6 Movie contract with marvel just like Sam Jackson did. So what other movies could the Hulk appear in? Anyone who is a fan of the Hulk knows that he would be able to cary a movie alone because he did it twice before (Although we wont discuss one of them lol). But we know the hulk has the ability to entertain and sell movies and independent comics such as his “Planet Hulk” Series and “World war Hulk” (Possible Avengers 3 storyline?)

Marvel’s Mark Feige had this to say about a possible New Hulk movie franchise’

“Planet Hulk is a cool Story”  and “World War Hulk’ is a cool story”

“I do believe that. [The Hulk can carry a movie and be as entertaining as he was in the avengers] I do believe he absolutely could. We certainly are not even going to attempt that until Avengers 2. So there’s a lot of time to think about it.”

So you ask how does this all fit in with the avengers story line? and how does this lead to hulk having his own movie? Well Glad you asked ( or I asked for you … nvm), With Ruffalo signing a multi movie deal with Marvel we have to think to ourselves what storyline from the current marvel universe does hulk stand alone? The answer is “PLANET HULK”!


We think at the end of Avengers Possibly in a post credits scene the hulk will be exiled from earth by the movie version of the “Illuminati” ( Ironman, Black Bolt, Professor X, Doctor Strange and Mr. Fantastic). In this scene we will see like in the comics the hulk Go full rage but this time in Space and in the mass of confusion and destruction he crash lands on a planet in which the storyline of the planet hulk series takes place.

Here is a Video of the Trailer for the Cartoon Movie “Planet Hulk” and if we have learned anything from Marvel they test out there movie Ideas in cartoon Version First! and this was an awesome success!

If you are not familiar with this story let me Bring you up to speed.


The hulk is exiled from earth and crashed lands on an alien planet. This planet is unlike earth and because of variations on the atmosphere and radiation the hulk is more easily  injured although still as strong. But another unique thing about this planet is that he is more focused. The hulk is no longer in a blind rage “HULK SMASH” but he is focused and relaxed and can even speak as if he was bruce banner. He even has the thought processes and genius of bruce. But in the mist of him coming to terms with this new found focus and getting over his anger of being kicked off of his home planet the hulk is enslaved by the alien planets version of the roman empire and forced into gladiatorial Combat. They are able to Tag the hulk with a discipline device that shocks him when he disobeys, Hence being able to control the Hulk.

Although refusing to fight at first he eventually sees that his only option for freedom is to fight his way out and work with the other gladiators to gain freedom. (Yep pretty much the Russell Crow story line of the “Gladiator” but with aliens and the HULK) Eventually he pisses off the emperor enough make him want to fight the Hulk who the people start to see as a savior one on one. Long story short the Hulk beats the crap out of him and becomes the new king … Hence PLANET HULK.

But the story doesn’t end there and this may just be the storyline for the first two movies for the Hulk. We think that Marvel will integrate the “World War Hulk” story into the avengers 3 and that would make a Great movie bringing  the story-lines back together and back on earth with the Avengers going up against the Hulk!

If you are not familiar with the World War Hulk story line (what have you been doing with your life? Read below)

Trailer for “WORLD WAR HULK”


This is the story of how the Hulk’s New planet is damaged and kills nearly half its population including the Hulks Pregnant wife. Using the Ship the Hulk arrived in the Former Emperors followers create a Bomb out of the ship and use it to try and destroy the hulk. But not knowing how powerful the ship was they destroy half the population of the planet and dont even put a scratch on the Hulk. Knowing the cause of the Explosion the Hulk now seeks revenge and Vows to return to earth and bring with him the destruction of the Avengers (the illuminati) who sent him away and then destroyed his new found peace. And there you have it Avengers 3!


We know alot of what we are saying is pure speculation but if you put the fact together the story-lines match up beautifully and create a revenue stream of millions upon millions of dollars!

With that said let us know what you think and if we are just out of our franking minds!


Planet Hulk Movie? Possible?