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Cards Against Humanity is a revolutionary game that has taken the world by storm. Originally created by a group of friends as a fun game to play on New Year’s Eve, the game has since grown into a party game sensation. Thankfully, first time players can easily start playing the game within just five minutes. In fact, it is possible to download a free copy of the game or buy the hardcopy to play at parties.

How to Play Cards Against Humanity? (Cards against humanity rules)

1. Start the game with every player drawing 10 cards from the white deck.
2. Choose one player as the Card Czar.
3. The Card Czar begins the game by reading the back of a Black Card.
4. Players will answer the question using the hand of White Cards that they have drawn. Choose the White Card with the best answer to the question asked.
5. Players pass the White Card face down to the Czar.
6. Shuffling of the cards will commence.
7. The question is read aloud once again.
8. All answers will now be read aloud to the group of players.
9. The favorite answer is chosen by the Card Czar.
10. The question card is now given to the player that answered the question adequately. This equates to one Awesome Point.
11. When the round ends, a new Card Czar is chosen and players start from step one again.

Additional Rules
Pick 2: Some cards will have a number “2” at the bottom. These are special questions that require two White Cards to answer. When given to the Card Czar, these cards must be in the appropriate order that they ought to be read. If they are not in the right order, the answer given may not be appropriate and the cards will not be chosen as the favorite answer.

What card game would be complete without betting? Cards Against Humanity allows players to gamble their Awesome Points. This is done by supplying two cards to the Card Czar in hopes that one of the cards will be chosen as the favorite. If neither card is chosen, the Awesome Point will be lost to the player with the favorite answer.

House Rules
Cards Against Humanity is meant to be unique and this is seen with the different house rules provided.

The following rules are present:
Happy Ending: Ending the game is simple. All that needs to happen is for the Card Czar to play the “Make a Haiku” card.
Rebooting the Universe: Sometimes, the White Cards drawn are terrible. If a player has an Awesome Point, they can trade it in to swap as many cards as they wish, up to 10, for new cards.

Packing Heat: Players can choose to select a new White Card from the pile during Pick 2. This adds a little diversity to the mix.
Rando Cardrissian: Why not bring some imagination into the game with the name of Rando? When a round starts, place a random card on the table for Rando to play. If he wins the match, all of the players are shamed.

God is Dead: Want to play without a Czar? This is done with God Is Dead. During this time, every player will choose a favorite card and the majority wins.
Survival of the Fittest: Letting players decide each other’s fate is a dangerous game. During survival of the fittest, every player eliminates one card from the answer pile. The last card remaining has to be the funniest.

Serious Business: The job of the Card Czar is difficult. So, to make matters a little more serious, they will now pick the top 3 answers as favorites. The best answer will get 3 Awesome Points, the 2nd best will get 2 and the 3rd best will get 1.

Never Have I Ever: Don’t understand a card? It can be discarded, but there is a price to pay. A card that is discarded will need to be confessed to the group.
House Rules are not mandatory by any means. The name of the game is to truly have fun and there are no strict rules put in place. If a person wants to truly learn how to play Cards Against Humanity before partying with their friends, a free edition can be downloaded.

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