“Should I stay after the credits of Ready Player One?”

Warner Bros. Pictures

Marvel certainly has us trained to keep our butts glued to the seat while everyone else heads to their cars, in case Nick Fury (or lately, Thor) shows up to tease another installment of a franchise, or just give Easter eggs about the movie. It’s so popular that even DC caved and tacked a post-credit scene at the end of Justice League Part 1.
And it goes with the theme. Ready Player One is all about Easter eggs, after all. And not just the one everyone’s chasing after. Peppered throughout the movie are little references for sci-fi nerds, gamers, even horror fans. Its truly peak pop culture (for Gen Y, anyway).
At a run time of nearly two and a half hours, no one could blame you for hopping out of your seat to get the feeling back in your legs or drain the 48 oz soda from your bladder.
Well, feel free. Unless you’ve got some emails to get through, or an Instagram feed you spent the whole time neglecting, head on out. There are no post-credit scenes. Unless, of course, you want to rock out to Hall & Oates. Then by all means, put off the real world for just a bit longer.
Just make sure you grab all your stuff before you leave.

“Ready Player One” Post-Credits