This would be totally Awesome I would love to see a darker version of the Red Ranger of the Power rangers for that matter.

Imagine a Darker side to the constant changing of the power rangers. Imagine a Being like Zordon who is more like a tyrant who constantly replaces the Police of this Ideal, Good Guy always wins world that he has created. Where does he send the Old Guard? Do they just no longer exist? Or are they sent to a world that is dominated by evil and the Rangers of the past are almost all wiped out. In this world a Leader emerges to lead the army of the rangers against evil.

He is the First Red Ranger and the first leader of the all and has a power and will to over come the evil that has taken over this alternate dimension where Zordon has no power, there are no Droids and the Good Guy almost NEVER wins.  But The ultimate evil of this Dimension has plans bigger then anyone can imagine and when Worlds Collide a Hero who has known Lost and felt the Temptation of evil will be needed to bring balance.

“Red Ranger Rising”


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