Who are the richest superheroes or villains and who is richest of them all? There are many ways that a superhero or villain can build up their wealth. Being ridiculously intelligent is a common trait among the wealthiest heroes and villains in addition to owning or ruling a country.

We have attempted to find out with a Forbes-style approach to wealth investigation and a stack of comics how much each character is worth. We investigated the sources of their wealth, assets, wealth gained as a result of Mastermind acts or secret treasures. Next we calculated a number in American dollars to put it in perspective. We have finalized a list of the 10 richest superheroes and villains of all-time or up until the 2016 comics, movie & tv Multi-verse that is.

10) Magneto: $500 million
Magneto who’s real name is Max Eisenhardt is rumored to have stacks of stolen Nazi gold in his possession gained from his early years of hunting nazi’s after WWII – hardly moral, but the allied nations were doing the same thing. Additionally, he is the ruler of the island of Genosha which he rebuilt after the Mutant Human wars. The economy was up lifted by the production and refining precious metals.
Uncanny X-Men #161, 321



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9) Emma Frost: $3 billion
Emma Frost, the CEO of ‘Frost International’ comes in at ninth of the richest heroes & villains. The cool headed billionaire also has telepathic powers and the ability coat her entire body in diamond armor. Often underestimated, Frost boasts a $3 billion electronics empire and is one of the most dominant forces in the comic world. She single supported the X-Men for years with her own liquid funds.
X-Men #129 (1979)

8) Professor Charles Xavier: $3.5 billion
Professor X inherited a large amount of money from his father who was a respected nuclear scientist. Additionally, he built his own wealth being a genetics engineer and psychologist.
X-Men #12



7) Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) : $7 billion
Queen Industries is a $5 billion company and Oliver Queen is the CEO & Chairman. Oliver Queen increased the net worth of the company with investments in Scientific research, Technology & Weapons.
More Fun Comics #73 (1941) Arrow Season #1



6) Wilson Fisk (King Pen) : $40 Billion
With his hands in all that is organized crime, Wilson Fisk has amassed a small fortune and ownshalf of Hell’s Kitchen. Post the Avengers movie he acquired large masses of land and has rebuilt high end condos.
The Amazing Spider-Man #50-52 + Dare Devil Season 1 (Netflix)



5) Lex Luthor: $75 billion
Lex-Luthor-richest-superheroes Lex Luthor is the owner of one of the world’s largest corporations, so it’s no surprise he’s got a villainous streak. This shrewd businessman owns $75 billion company LexCorp, he even funded an entire presidency campaign himself.
“The Skeletons in Armor” Action Comics 47 Batman v Superman Movie 2016



4) Bruce Wayne (Batman): $80 billion
Owning a third of Gotham cities real estate and large investments in weapons and energy technology. Bruce Wayne has amassed $80 billion as owner of Wayne Enterprises. Initially inheriting the company form his father Robert Wayne, Bruce has expanded the companies reach into multiple industries.
Detective Comics #27 (May 1939), Dark Knight Rises 1&2, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 


3) Dr. Victor Von Doom: $90 billion
The ambitious ruler of Latervia, a country situated in eastern Europe seeks world domination with the purpose of world peace and prosperity by any evil means necessary. Coming from a long line of wealth he inherits valuable art, real estate and a country of people who fear him so raising the taxes is never an issue. Additionally, his diplomatic status gives him immunities other super villains cant even dream of.
Fantastic Four #247 (Oct. 1982)



2) Tony Stark (Iron Man): $110 billion
Tony Stark or Iron Man has a whopping $100 billion to his name thanks to the countless successes of his company, Stark Industries. He is so rich, the suit he wears is worth $1.5 billion, more than most of us could ever dream of. Additionally, after launching the Extremis 3.0 app his wealth increased by $20 Billion.


1) T’Challa (Black Panther): $90 Trillion
Imagine if Captain America was King of the United States, Smarter than Tony Stark and richer than all billionaires combined. Well Then you would get T’Challa, Far and away the richest Superhero of them all, T’Challa (Black Panther) weighs in as the richest in the Marvel Universe with a mighty $90 trillion portfolio. Yes you read that right 90 TRILLION!

The legendary character controls the nation of Wakanada in Africa, which gives him full control of the global vibranium stocks, the most valuable metal on the planet. In the Fantastic Four comics & Doomwar #1 Reed Richards Calculates that vibranium is worth $10,000 Per Gram. And in Doom War #1 we learn that the Wakandan’s have more 10,000 tons in their Vault. (Exact amount is unknown)
Fantastic Four #607, The Avengers #52 (May 1968), Doomwar  #1 – #6, Captain American: Civil War (Movie),  Age of Ultron (Movie) [Vibranium  Reference]


T’Challa is the Richest superhero of them all and Dr. Doom is by far the richest villain.

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