Who are the richest superheroes or villains and who is richest of them all? There are many ways that a superhero or villain can build up their wealth. Being ridiculously intelligent is a common trait among the wealthiest heroes and villains in addition to owning or ruling a country.

We have attempted to find out with a Forbes-style approach to wealth investigation and a stack of comics how much each character is worth. We investigated the sources of their wealth, assets, wealth gained as a result of Mastermind acts or secret treasures. Next we calculated a number in American dollars to put it in perspective. We have finalized a list of the 10 richest superheroes and villains of all-time or up until the 2016 comics, movie & tv Multi-verse that is.

10) Magneto: $500 million
Magneto who’s real name is Max Eisenhardt is rumored to have stacks of stolen Nazi gold in his possession gained from his early years of hunting nazi’s after WWII – hardly moral, but the allied nations were doing the same thing. Additionally, he is the ruler of the island of Genosha which he rebuilt after the Mutant Human wars. The economy was up lifted by the production and refining precious metals.
Uncanny X-Men #161, 321



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Richest Superheroes & Villains [INFOGRAPHIC]