On Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D Skye’s Identity has always been one of the main mysteries of the show. Recently it was revealed that the blue alien on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D was actually a Kree. Now that its confirmed the Kree will play a major role in the Story arch of the Show, we can only assume that the “Special People” will actually be Inhumans.

We recently Speculated if skye was an Inhuman or an Alien (Kree). We know she is not an alien because in the Last episode we discovered that her mother was killed by Dr. Whitehall to acquire her ability to not age (And possibly more). In that same episode we also learned that Skye’s Mother was also able to hold the obelisk like Reina.

With that being said lets discuss Who is Skye Exactly …

Daisy Johnson A.K.A Quake is a SHIELD Agent known for her ability to cause earth quakes. It was thought that she was a mutant but she was actually the result of ability serum experiments by her father Dr. Calvin Zabo A.K.A Mr. Hyde (This would explain the killing fits).

Although all of the details don’t exactly math up, … well nether does Agent Coulson’s existence for that matter. So Marvel has a little room to move around with character origin details and names.




Agent Triplett’s Last Moment on Agents of Shield … Sucks


Skye in Her InHuman Cocoon


Skye Emerging from her InHuman Cocoon

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