SCENE: Traverse City, MI

We open on a circus tent. A dark, cloaked figure approaches. As she enters, we see that it’s Raven (actual name Rachel). She navigates her way through the circus tent until she reaches the center ring. It looks dusty and abandoned. A sign lights up announcing The Flying Graysons. She sees flashbacks of an family performing aerial trapeze. A rope snaps, and we see a couple fall to the ground. Raven wakes up from her nightmare. Rachel’s mom helps her calm down. As Rachel’s mom leaves her bedroom, we see religious paraphernalia all over the outside, as well as multiple deadbolts.

SCENE: Detroit, MI

A young man is sitting in his car in the rain. He has a case file of child abuse victims, with all the cases having been dismissed. In the back seat is a locked briefcase. He enters the police station and is greeted as Detective Grayson by Amy Rohrbach, his new partner. There’s a conversation among the other detectives that he came from Gotham and prefers to work alone.

SCENE: Traverse City, MI

Rachel’s mom wakes up to an alarm clock. She takes her medication. She is seen with scratches on her side. Rachel is eating breakfast. Rachel’s mom appears in the kitchen dressed as a nurse. Rachel confronts her mom, and asks if she’s scared of her, revealing that she has intuitive powers. She also hints at being possessed. Although Rachel’s mom denies being scared, the confrontation leads to Rachel losing control of her powers, and then walking out. A neighbor complains about the screaming at night, and threatens to call the cops.

On a school bus, Rachel is approached by a bully named Kyle. Another boy threatens Kyle, and the fight is broken up by the school bus driver. Kyle calls Rachel a slut.

At school, Matt and his friends are seen approaching Rachel in the hallway, Matt with a black eye from defending Rachel. Rachel attempts to thank him, but he passes by her without acknowledging her.

At home, Rachel starts to apologize to her mother, but a man has held her mother hostage. The man reveals that Rachel is not her real name, and that her mother isn’t her real mother. The man then kills Rachel’s mother in front of her. Rachel screams and attacks the man using her powers before running away.

SCENE: Detroit, MI

We see Dick Grayson sitting in his car outside of a club. He watches three men walk out and then he activates a gadget in his vehicle. The men are seen confronting another group of men in an alley. They throw down a duffel bag. In the diffel bag is a stuffed animal. One of the other men cuts open the stuffed animal to reveal a baggie of drugs hidden inside. The pink color is believed to attract children.

Dick Grayson, in his Robin costume, intercepts the drug deal. The drug dealers all ask where Batman is and look up. One of the drug dealers notes that Robin is working alone now. A hook grabs one of the drug dealers, and they all start shooting. Ninja stars are thrown, guns are shot, a bloody fight ensues. One of the drug dealers believes that he has escaped with the drugs, but Robin catches him and beats him. He ends the scene with the words “Fuck Batman.”

SCENE: Dick’s Apartment, Detroit, MI

He is shirtless, and puts a record on as he does maintenance on his belt and suite. He holds up the Robin “R” emblem and cuts himself with it. After cleaning it, he angrily throws it at his wall. Then Dick gets dressed for work, looking at a poster promoting The Flying Graysons before walking out.

SCENE: Police Station, Detroit, MI

At the police station, he’s being briefed along with a group of detectives that Robin has been sighted in Detroit. The captain says that he hopes that Robin is just passing through, because “the problems these masks bring with them.”

SCENE: Bus Station, Traverse City, MI

Rachel is seen buying a one-way ticket to Detroit. She steps off the bus in Detroit, then spends the night on the streets. She has a meal from a soup kitchen. She’s approached by a Rescue Mission  worker named Allie. She points Rachel towards a youth shelter. Allie explains that she grew up on the streets of Detroit as well, and that shelters saved her life. As Allie tells her story, Rachel sees visions of herself all around her, warning her of danger. A shadowy figure is seen following them. Allie beckons Rachel into her vehicle, but Rachel sees a vision of herself in a puddle that warns her to run. She gets the attention of a police officer by throwing a brick at the police vehicle. Allie emerges from the alleyway as Rachel is put into the vehicle and taken to the station.

Titans Ep. 101–Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie / ©2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

SCENE:Police Station, Detroit, MI

Dick approaches Amy asking about the Robin case. He is called into an interview room to talk to Rachel. Rachel recognizes him as “the boy from the circus” and asks Dick for his help.

SCENE: Outside Vienna, Austria

In a car, we see a woman waking up. There’s a dead body in the driver’s seat next to her. They appear to have been in a car crash. There are bullet holes on the side of the car. Another car approaches, with guns firing on the woman. The men pursue her through the woods. The woman finds her way to a bathroom. She examines her personal effects, in a state of shock that indicates amnesia. Her passport reveals that she’s Kory Anders, born 1991. She finds a key card for the Hotel Das Alpen.

At the Hotel Das Alpen, the concierge calls her name in familiarity. Kory says that she can’t remember her hotel room, and concierge reminds her that it’s the entire top floor. Kory asks about the key she found in her purse at the bathroom. The woman says no, “no frogs, no skates.” The concierge asks if she can send something up to Kory’s room, not revealing what the “something” is, only indicating that it makes her blush. Kory requests a coffee.

In her hotel room, Kory exames more of her personal effects. She sees a picture on her phone of herself and a man. Suddenly, there is aggressive knocking on her closet door. Kory opens the door, and sees an older man tied up and afraid of her. He reveals that Kory is in pursuit of a girl, and offers help her find the girl. She asks the man who she is, and he calls her a “crazy bitch.” As Kory continues to confront him, the man manages to cut himself free with a butter knife. A fight ensues, until Kory uses her super strength to knock him out. Once again, Kory demands the name of the man in the photo. The man reveals that his name is Konstatin Kovar, and he is a club owner. Kory kills the man and announces “new plan.”

SCENE: Police Station, Detroit, MI

Dick asks Rachel who she is. Rachel describes her nightmare about watching his parents die. She believes that supernatural forces have pulled them together. She tells Dick that someone killed her mom. Dick tells her to write down her name and address, Dick experiences a flahsback to the night his parents died, and Batman took him in. Rachel begs him not to leave her, and asks to be locked up because there is something inside of her “something evil.”

Dick is seen He sees a news story about his recent alleyway fight, with an official message from the mayor to Robin to leave Detroit. Amy catches up with Dick outside the police station, asking about his previous partner. Dick talks about his previous partner, who turns out to be Batman. He talks about his admiration for Batman, but also his desire to walk away because he was “becoming too much like him.”

A cop enters Rachel’s interview room, announcing that he will escort her to a holding cell for other kids. Dick receives a call from the field cop about Rachel’s mother’s murder. He tracks down Rachel, who has been drugged by the cop before being forced into a police car. Before she is knocked out, a vision begs to kill the cop. Dick sees the police car drive away and pursues them.

SCENE: Vienna, Austria

Kory enters a club. She enters the office looking for Konstantin. Konstantin, flanked by mobsters, demands her loyalty but Kory admits that she doesn’t remember. Konstantin reveals that he loved her, but Kory realizes that she didn’t love him. One of the mobsters fires a bullet, but Kory absorbs its powers when it hits her and uses it to wipe out the room in a ball of flames. On the desk, she sees a photo of Rachel, the girl that she is in search of.

SCENE: Somewhere in Detroit, MI

Rachel wakes up in a dark room surrounded by candles. A voice accuses her of knowing that she was different, that she had a destiny. It is the man who killed her mother, sharpening a knife, He says that he appears the villain, but believes that in truth, he is the savior. He believes that Rachel is an evil being sent to threaten humanity. The cop that brought Rachel in is standing guard at the window. Dick Grayson attacks him from behind and takes him out. The man announces that he will lay Rachel’s heart alongside the heart of a beast. His intent is to close whatever doorway he believes brought evil like Rachel to Earth. Rachel uses her powers to attach the man. Dick witnesses the attack from outside the door. Rachel’s spirit enters the man and destroys him from inside. Dick enters the room and frees Rachel. Rachel collapses into his arms and pleads for his help. Dick takes Rachel to his car. She questions his car, which Dick claims is a family heirloom. Dick drives her somewhere safe.

SCENE: Covington, OH

A big box store security guard is playing video games when her hears a suspicious noise. He goes to investigate the noise and find a tiger has raided the store and is tearing open boxes of video games. The tiger escapes into the woods, where he transforms back into Garfield. Garfield has successfully robbed the store of a video game.


[SPOILERS] Titans Season 1 Episode 1: “Titans” Episode Synopsis