Taken King new Items, Calcified fragment, Wormspore, Osmium, Hadium Flake & Runes

In this post we will talk about all the new materials and Items we have found or have seen from the Taken King Expansion.

Calcified fragment – During the Court of Oryx one of the players received a Legendary Calcified Fragment. Click Here to FIND out Calcified Fragment Locations & also steps to completing the “Shattered Past” Quest.


Wormspore – Just like Black wax Idols this appears to be a material and resource unique to the hive. Appearing only on the dreadnaught and as a result of slaying thrall. Wormspore will have great value when its time to upgrade your armor.


Osmium – Is the element of Oryx Kingdom and Crota was the heir to the Osmium Throne. During the Quest to the hell mouth. You can Find Osmium around the dreadnaught like other Materials around the system.

Story Behind the Importance of the Osmium Material:
“Oryx is a ruler of the Hive, and sits upon the Osmium Throne, which Crota was heir to. The Hive have been mining this out of our Moon. In The Taken King, we will find Osmium within the Dreadnaught and it will be used to upgrade our gear – possibly being a new Raid material.” Source Reddit

Hadium Flake – Its obtained from opening chest on the dreadnaught. This Material is super Absorbent and takes the energy of anything around it.

Runes – In another post we highlighted the importance of Runes in the taken King and how they are used to summon the Court of Oryx Public events during patrol on the dreadnaught.