The New Klingons of Star Trek Into Darkness was a very important assignment to J.J. Abrams, the franchise and the fans. The New Klingons Had to be a representation of a Popular race of beings from the Original Star Trek series but they had to also have features based on  the Timeline from the First Star Trek film. Not only did they have to Match up to the Old Klingons from a style, Aggression and an Honor Perspective they had to be just as Bad ass.

The New Star Trek Into Darkness Klingons still originating from a planet known as Qo’nos (Kronos), which is an M-class planet. The J.J. Abrams Klingons Had a Darkness about them that added to the theme of the film and supported the Evil overcast of the scenes they were featured in.  Below we see a photo of the New Klingons and we can see that their uniforms and armor are less decorative and more functional.

I guess the whole Kiss Look got old … I mean who really wants to constantly look like a Rock Band Versus a Warrior Elite?

New-Kligons-Old-Kligon-Uniforms Old-Kligon-Uniforms

Even Older the Original Series Klingons Almost looked like a Boy Bad … Thankfully J.J. Abrams Decided to No loger have the Klingon Uniforms Be Influenced by Popular Music lol I.E. Metallica and The Beatles lol

New Klingons From J.J. Abram’s Star Trek Universe Are alot more like an Army and a Groupd of Elite Warriors. As seen Here even the Patrol Guards on the Home-world look Menacing and Battle Ready.


Comparing the old Klingons with the new Klingons We see more then just a Dress code difference. For example, The weapons have changed as well and seem more Functional and Deadly Verses Decorative.

In the images below we See the New Klingon weapons and how they look and are used by the Enterprise crew and some klingon soldiers.




Old Bat’Leth (Batleth)

I would like to Point out one of the most significant Changes in a Classic Klingon Weapon. This weapon is Known as the Bat’Leth (Batleth), the new Bat’leth in Into Darkness is alot more Pronounced and Looks Dangerous. Unlike the Old Bat’leth which seemed to have more of a Traditional and Ceremonial look when compared to the new Bat’Leth.

The first bat’leth was crafted in the 19th century by Kahless the Unforgettable, he dropped it into lava coming from the Kri’stak volcano and later dipped it into Lake of Lusor, after which he twisted it into a blade that became very popular among the Klingon warriors. He later used the blade against the tyrant Molor, before giving it the name Bat’leth which was verbally passed down through the Klingon clerics as a show of Strength till Kahless return.


New Bat’Leth (New Batleth)


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The New klingons Concept Art:

The-New-klingons-Concept-Art-Uniforms The-New-klingons-Concept-Art-Helmet-1 The-New-klingons-Concept-Art-old-new The-New-klingons-Concept-Art-head-one-bust The-New-klingons-Concept-Art-head-2-bust The-New-klingons-Concept-Art--compare-Concept


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