The Taken King: Court of Oryx Reveal

After you finish up the Campaign for the Taken King and defeat Oryx during the “Kings Fall” Raid. The Dreadnaught opens up for patrol and you can complete in a spawn controlled public event called the “Court of Oryx”.  The Court of Oryx runs similar to the firefights of the Halo universe and you fight against waves of enemies and unique bosses.

Court-of-Oryx-strategiesEach boss in the court of Oryx has a unique way to be defeated and each encounter is about finding out how to defeat the bosses of the court of oryx. For example, During a fight with two knights one taken and one Hive you can only damage them when they are close together and their shields are down. This level of strategy presents guardians with the challenge of working together not just to damage the bosses but defeat them and make it to the next tier.

Each sessions starts with one player presenting a statue with a rune. The runes you will need to start a Court of Oryx encounter are The common Reciprocal rune & the stolen rune. Each statue determines the tier and difficulty level of the coming battle. Before the fight begins a message will appear with a tip to help you defeat the bosses.

After the fight is over the player who presented the rune and started the battle will get a debuf called “Summoner’s Exhaustion”. What is Summoner’s Exhaustion you ask? Well its a way of bungie keeping players from summoning a new fight and allowing other players in the area to summon a new battle.

There are multiple tiers to the court of Oryx and we saw in the planet destiny video a tier one and a tier 2 Court of Oryx encounter. During a tier 2 encounter your light level needs to be above 200 in fact it needs to be at a level of 240 before you can even do some damage to the bosses. Not to mention there will be two bosses at the same time!

Here are some Basics to how to kill the bosses during the Court of Oryx battles. 

How to kill Bracus Horu’usk (Taken Cabal Captain) – Kill all of his Ads (Minions) and his shields will go down. Then take him out before his shield and the Ads return.

How to kill Alzok Dal, Gornuk Dal & Zyrok Dal (The 3 Hive Wizards) – You have to kill all three of the around the same time or the others will respawn the fallen wizard.

How to kill Krughor (The Hive Ogre) – You have to lower his Shield by killing an exploding curse thrall while next to him the explosion will disable his shield for a short time.

How to kill Vorlog (The hive Knight) – You have to watch the color of his shields because they will change element types.

How to kill LoKaar (teleporting Wizard) – Time your damage shots to make sure you get the wizard before teleporting.

How to kill Cra’adug & Mengoor – You and your team need to keep the nights close together to disable their shields.


Let us know your thoughts on Destiny’s new feature the “Court of Oryx “.