Voice of Ultron is Paul Bettany (Jarvis)

So Rumor has it that the voice of Ultron in  Avengers: Age of Ultron will be no other then the Voice of Jarvis (Paul Bettany ) from the Ironman Movies. Makes sense right? With Ultrons origin story changing to not being created by Hank Pym but rather Tony Stark it makes sense that an already introduced character or AI would be transformed into the Dominate force that is the Ultron AI / Robot.

Since pretty much Ironman’s Armors already have the ability to be self Aware and Battle it out without Tony it only makes sense that Jarvis Takes on a mind of his own and Perhaps even Builds his own Armor since he built the Ironman Suits.

This is what Unleash the Fangoy’s source had to say about JARVIS being Ultron.

“That’s the plan so far from what I’ve heard. Obvious, isn’t it?”

If JARVIS is indeed going to turn, does that mean actor Paul Bettany, who did the voice, will return in a much larger role?

“He’s returning, but I’m not sure if they’re doing motion capture with him, or if they’ll use someone else. Since he’s only done voiceovers, the contract is new.”


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