Do you want to build a conspiracy theory?

Last night was the first new X-Files story on TV since Mulder escaped his “conviction” in 2002, and the first look at Mulder and Scully since they worked with a psychic ex-priest in 2007. Many people were excited just to have new adventures with Mulder, Scully and A.D. Skinner.

We got a look at more aliens (not a spoiler if you’ve ever watched The X-Files), a new informant (we’ll see if he’s got the life expectancy of Deep Throat, Mr. X or Marita Covarrubias) and the same intense Fox Mulder. We definitely think it’s worth your time to take a watch, and if your DVR has the NFC Championship game instead of Mulder, Scully and Skinner: fear not! You can watch it (free and officially sanctioned) right here:

But the reaction was the best. Most took to Twitter to vent their feels, and lots of people were excited.


Some thought it missed the mark:

Some had their own conspiracy theories:


And some had jokes:

Even the FBI got in on things:

Let us know what you thought, did you sigh skeptically…or did believing intensify?

The X-Files Part Deux [NO SPOILERS]