We all Know that Thor: The Dark World will Be in Theaters a Week Earlier in the UK [Insert Sad Loki Face]. And some Press screenings have already happened over there. With that said according to some Sources there will be not one but 2 Thor: The Dark World After credit scenes. Marvel Fans hoped that Iron Man 3 would have some after credit scenes that lead into the Next phase of Marvel movies but … it Didn’t.

With Thor: The Dark world After Credit scenes everyone is hoping for a sneek peek at how Thor: The Dark World May tie into Guardians of the Galaxy and or Lead to a hint at another upcoming Marvel film. With Joss Whedon helping out on Thor: The Dark world we can only hope he had some input that would also set-up the Next Avengers “Avengers: Age of Ultron”.

No word yet has been release Stating Exactly what the Thor: The Dark World after credit scenes will be. But we have alot of Tough movie critics giving the movie High scores and calling it one of Marvels Best movies (Top 5).

But Here is what we are hoping for with the 2

Thor: The Dark World After Credits scene:

We are hoping that Thor: The Dark World Ties into Guardians of the Galaxy since it will be the next movie to be released from the Marvel Phase two line-up. Here is why we think The Character Algrim the Strong may help out in Tying Thor: The Dark World into Guardians of the Galaxy. The Character Algrim the Strong (played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) Goes up against thor in the comics and loses after also being Betrayed by Malekith the Accursed (Played by Christopher Eccleston). After he loses he Falls into a Pit of Lava but is Healed by a Powerful Being called “The Beyonder” and is transformed into Kurse who is even stronger than thor. Now to Introduce another character might be alot for one movie but it would be interesting to see how the Transformation of Algrim the Strong into Kurse Takes place.

One Object we have seen has caught our attention and its from some recent photos marvel release showing off some Guardians of the Galaxy Props. Check out this Photo Below. (Again all this is Pure Speculation and Geeky Curiosity)


So Sphere above has been called many things every since Marvel has released the images and revealed the Display at Comic Con. Going from context clues and just comparing with the other props on Display we could say its apart of the Guardians or Nova Corps weapons. It could be a Dyson Spear that the Guardians use to Transport from place to place. Or it could be a Energy Grenade of some kind since Draw the Destroyers Weapons are also Displayed.

But what we are hoping for is something bigger and Badder than just a grenade. In fact we think this object might have a power within it that would interest the Collector (Main Villain in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie). Imagine for a Moment that this sphere could hold inside of it the Power of “The Beyonder” (Ultra-powerful Marvel being). Now this is just a guess and could be Nothing and have no connection to the Beyonder, but let imagine for a Moment it did!

That would being me to this next photo:

Here we have a Photo of a Kurse toy Released By marvel and On sale Here. The thing that caught my Eye was the Mysterious sphere above Kurse in the toy Box. In the same collection in the photos Below you’ll See Loki with “Frost Dagger” and even a Dark Elf with a “Blaster”. But the DIfference with the Kurse Toy Box is that the accessory is not named. … 0_o umm wonder why that is?

Perhaps its not named because it would give away too much of the Story. Now imagine for a sec that that sphere was called “The Beyonder” or something else people would automatically look up the information surrounding the Sphere and be able to tie it to the guardians of the Galaxy. In the comics Kurse was originally a character called Algrim the Strong who was transformed and Made more Powerful by “The Beyonder”. So it would make sense that this Object would be a Focus of his Packaging. if not “The Beyonder” Its also possible that its just a Weapon like the ones on his belt. If so this would still tie the story back to Guardians of the Galaxy. We have confirmed that “The Collector” (Taneleer Tivan played by Benicio Del Toro) will be a Main villain in the Guardians of the Galaxy and we know that he is  an elder of the Universe and Possible Rival of Thanos himself.

With that Being said its possible that both Thanos and The Collector are after this Sphere because it contains the power of or “The Beyonder” himself.

So thats my Little bit of Speculation as to Thor: The Dark World After Credits scenes and how they could tie into Guardians of the Galaxy & the Avengers. Since we know the Avengers wont be going up against Thanos in the next film is only logical to conclude that he will make an Appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy After Credits scene or the Thor: The Dark world after credits scene.

What are your thoughts on the Thor: The Dark World after credits scene? 


Thor: The Dark World After The Credits Scenes