SO Finally we get a a Teaser trailer for Thor the Dark world set to hit theaters in November right before thanksgiving. Thank god its not a xmas release! or i should say thank Odin lol. A few weeks ago we got some high res images that were released showing Natalie Portman and some of the other featured characters from the first film. But thats not what your here for! so below check out the trailer and some High res screen caps from the trailer. Ill try and go into details talking about what each Screen cap might reveal so stay tuned. for more updates.

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Thor: The Dark World (Official Teaser Trailer)

Screen Caps from the Trailer.

Thor-dark-world-sif-battle Thor-dark-world-ship-attack Thor-dark-world-ship-attack-1 Thor-dark-world-russo-portman Thor-dark-world-portman-spellbound Thor-dark-world-portman-hemsworth Thor-dark-world-maleketh-fight Thor-dark-world-loki-hiddleson Thor-dark-world-inside-ship Thor-dark-world-hopkins Thor-dark-world-hemsworth-stand Thor-dark-world-hemsworth-scream Thor-dark-world-hemsworth-rain Thor-dark-world-hemsworth-jump Thor-dark-world-hemsworth-hammah Thor-dark-world-hemsworth-boom Thor-dark-world-hemsworth-battle Thor-dark-world-eccleston-maleketh Thor-dark-world-asgard


Thor the Dark world Teaser trailer FULL