Check out this awesome video of Titan Fall Alpha Gameplay.

What we are seeing is from the closed Alpha Currently happening for Titan Fall. One of the most anticipated game releases of 2014 is set for exclusive release to XBOX one and PC. Titan Fall will not be available for PS4 and this has some fan boys pretty pissed off. But with PS4 having plenty of exclusive titles it makes sense for Microsoft to secure Titan fall as an XBOX One and PC release.

Titan Fall Leaked Gameplay Video & Pilot Loadouts

Right now the closed alpha has breaches of contract all over the place and Videos have been popping up all over the net. So enjoy them while the last and If you can still dee the videos Lets try and Dive deep in the alpha footage.

The Game play seems to resemble some of the best first person shooters out there like Call of Duty and Halo with similar and classic multiplayer game types. Below we have some Screen grabs of the Titan Fall loadouts and some of the weapon customizations.

3 Pilot Loadouts

Rifleman Pilot Loadout: The Rifleman loadout features a Primary Weapon ( R-101C Carbine ), Anti-Titan Weapon (Archer Heavy Rocket) For taking down Titans! & a Side arm (Hammond p2011). Also Unlike Battleifled and more like Halo & call of Duty your loadout features special abilities. Here in the Rifleman loadout we have the Tactical Ability (Cloak), Ordnance (Classic Frag Grenade) & Kit (Explosives Pack). Also, the Kit Features a 2nd ability called (Dome Shield Battery).

The Rifleman class seems to be the Full head on assault class.


Assassin Pilot Loadout: The Assassin loadout seems more streamline and in this instance features a female Pilot hinting at the possibility of Gender control. Same Basic structure of the rifleman loadout a Primary Weapon ( Smart Pistol MK5 ), Anti-Titan Weapon (Sidewinder) & the side arm (RE-45 Autopistol). The Tactical Abilities of the default assassin are (Cloak), Ordnance (Classic Frag Grenade) & Kit (Power Cell) and a 2nd item called (Minion Detector).

The Assassin Class is Lighter and seems like a class made for covert ops. (Wish there was a Battle Knife!)


CQB Pilot Loadout: This loadout Is all hooked up for Indoors and in your face battles. It even features an Enhanced Parkour Kit addition that allows the user to Run on Walls longer and hang! This Basic ability is pretty cool and Having it enhanced with the CQB Loadout is pretty cool.

The loadout has a Primary Weapon ( EVA-8 Shotgun ), Anti-Titan Weapon (Sidewinder) & the side arm (Hammond p2011). The Tactical Abilities of the default assassin are (Cloak), Ordnance (Classic Frag Grenade) & Kit (Enhanced Parkour Kit) and a 2nd item called (Dome shield Battery).


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Titan Fall Leaked Gameplay Video & Pilot Loadouts