The New Generation of Gaming is here! Titanfall Beta Review

After waiting impatiently for my titanfall beta code this entire weekend and even checking my phone during valentines dinner. ( A Capital Offense lol) I finally got access to the beta along with A few hundred others.

With an overwhelming demand for access to the Titanfall beta, Respawn decided to open the beta to all XBOX One and PC users. After downloading the 4.5GB file and installing the game on my Xbox One, I jumped right into the games training mode.

Titanfall Beta Review

At first I thought, how different could Titanfall’s training Sim be, with the same basic button layout and similar controls to Call of Duty, Halo and Battlefield ect? Well I was dead wrong, after failing to effectively wall jump about 15 times I finally got the hang of the games physics and I made it out of basic pilot movement training. After combat training and taking down a few titans with the pilot’s Anti-Titan weapon class. I started to understand the complexities and basic battle tactics of the game. Titans are large War Machines but they are not unstoppable, pilots are fast and agile making them difficult targets for Titans to hit. With the Developers deciding not to allow shooting through walls, this gives the pilots a chance to escape any gunfight.


Next was Titan advance combat training, an intense 15 min session of going one on one with other titans and even being outnumbered in some situations 3 titans to one. I learned quickly that the Titan Dash is my best friend. The Titans also come with exclusive power ups. A matrix like ability, the vortex shield gives you the power  to magnetically stop all of an enemies incoming bullets and projectiles hold them for a few seconds before letting go and firing them all back at the enemy (Pretty Sweet). Also there is electronic cloud the titan can deploy that acts like smoke screen for the titan to get away or for the pilot to eject without being noticed. This cloud also prevents any electronic targeting systems from seeing inside of the cloud.


After training was over I got a chance to jump right into the game. Currently during the live beta there are only a few live multiplayer modes:

Titanfall multiplayer game Modes;

AT – Attrition
HP – Hardpoint
LTS – Last Titan Standing
VM – Variety Mode (all Mode’s at random)

I played Attrition until my eyes started to hurt and my hands crammed. The pain was totally worth it, ranking up to about level 14 ( highest level in beta), eventually you gain the ability to customize your Titan pilots loadouts and even the Titans themselves have custom loadouts and weapon modifications.

We are not to sure yet on How the Titanfall ranking system will work, but we will update you guys soon with more details.

Titanfall is a refreshing departure from the classic first person shooters of the past. Titanfall is the first person shooter for users who are not your classic MLG pros. Its  for those who want to have fun and compete with the top players. In the multiplayer mode there are not just human players in the game, Respawn has also introduced a new concept of AI bots as apart of each team. These bots are called minions and they serve as additional fighters for each team. Every minion kill contributes to the overall score and they are not that difficult to kill. They don’t have powerups like the pilots nor can they call in titans. So you can see how this feature would appeal to gamers who aren’t  the best at first person shooter’s. That friend you have that gets own playing call of duty will do a lot better killing minions and still helping the team win.


While a minion kill gets you 20 points pilot kills are worth a lot more and taking down a titan is worth even more.

This game is everything you could want out of a FPS and more. Although only the beta I saw a lot of features unique to the Titanfall experience.

Unique Losing experience:

For example, if your team loses the match no fear there is still an opportunity to score some major points during the time period after each match has ended called the epilogue. During this period a drop ship will be called in for the losing team and those that manage to stay alive and make it the ship before it leaves get some extra points. The ships departure location appears on your mini map when the !match is lost. But be warned eventually it also appears on the winning teams map letting them know your trying to escape the battle field. So they have the opportunity to beat you there and prevent you from escaping or catch you on the way. Once aboard the enemy can still get you by taking out the drop ship. Although its very strong if 3 titans fire rockets at the ship once or twice that might be enough to take it down.

The Titanfall beta officially ended at 6pm EST on the 19th of February.

The beta was enough for me to play hours on end so I can’t imagine what the full game will offer.  I’m looking to the Titanfall  experience and also not sleeping for a few hours.

This is NOVA ! signing off.

Titanfall Beta Review – The New Generation of Gaming is here!