The Best Pilot Loadout in Titanfall R-97

We Have been playing titanfall for about a week now and we have seen some of the best, worst weapons and Tactical abilities. Below with help from a Auluftwaffles video we will talk about the best Pilot loadout for titanfall and how we use it to beat out the Competition.

The Best titanfall Primary weapon hands down is the R-97 Compact SMG. The main concept of the game is being a pilot and gaining a foothold on your enemies through pilot kills and or objectives just like any other FPS.  Picking weapons is based on the map and game type so we have selected the R-97 Compact SMG as the Ideal short to Midrange weapon. Most of the maps have alot of indoor locations and with the speed and agility of the pilots you will find yourself in a lot of fast close quarters Situations.


As a Tactical ability we usually go with the “Run & Gun” because it allows you to sprint while shooting making you very hard to kill in a one on one firefight. This combined with the stim kit will make you fast and agile.

Our Ordnance choice is usually the Satchel Charge because it gives you more control over the moment of explosion and timing.


We hope our post on the best titanfall weapons and abilities helped you get to the 10th Generation! GoodGaming Pilots!


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