Titanfall News: So the developers recently confirmed that the game wont have a seemingly common feature in Next Gen games. On the message board of the Titanfall Forum a Dev posted this:

“No shooting through walls for this title. It’d take a fair bit of design work to do otherwise, especially with the power of the Titan weapons. From a realistic standpoint you would expect them to be the most effective at penetrating walls, but that would just make life suck for Pilots. Besides, there are other ways to root out campers.”

It makes perfect sense because it would totally Make the Titans Over powered and not give the pilot a chance in hell or surviving an encounter with a Titan. Its kind of the same way the Mechs in Halo are defeated by spartans when spartans use their surroundings and speed to best the mechs. In titan fall every pilot comes with an Anti-Titan weapon loadout made to give them the ability to go up against them one on one.

Titanfall Weapons Wont shoot through walls –

The Dev. also went on to say this talking about how they could not copy the gameplay of a title like Battlefield 4 because Titanfall is a different type of game.

“While I’m acutely aware of the benefits of bullet penetration in the tactical shooter genre, with the way this game plays I’m not sure what sort of design space it would really open up. It’s certainly not a feature I find myself missing and I don’t even think it qualifies as “something we would definitely have done if we had the time”. No doubt we’ll evaluate it further depending on our next project, but it’s definitely not a no brainer.”

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Titanfall Weapons Wont shoot through walls