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A-List musician added to the cast of a future Marvel blockbuster?

Beyonce, a champion of women’s rights, might have just the spunk to fill such a position, but what would her character be? We took the liberty of listing out our favorite Possible cheaters Beyonce could play on the big screen.  And we made sure they were characters that actually tie into the current Marvel cinematic Universe. 


Beyonce would have this one in the bag- Sleek and silky lawyer by day, rampaging through the streets by night. The best part is that She-Hulk maintains her control, transforming at will, which eliminates the need for convoluted plot twists. As an easy tie in for the Marvel gang, the perfect body for the role already, and an easy, savvy twist for everyone involved. Plus there is this meme … #SorryBehive

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You have to admit, B’s a dead ringer for this marvel Anti-Hero. Plus, she has ties with the Avengers, so there’s potential for an easy tie in for a later film (Inhumans anyone?). A sassy thief with superhuman speed, strength and reflexes and prehensile long locks red locks, this role would be perfect For Beyonce. Not to mention Medusa’s Ties to the Inhuman KING Black bolt and being a champion of feminism and the power of women (Super-Women). Queen of the Inhumans Medusa will play a pivotal role in the story arch for the upcoming Inhumans movie and also the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show.


Spinning off of the She-Hulk universe, Caiera is kind of a bald She-Hulk with an awesome Mohawk. She ends up hooking up with Hulk and setting in motion a huge intergalactic war spearheaded by the Hulk himself later on in life, which could be an awesome movie, plus we’d venture to believe that she’d look pretty great shaved with a Mohawk. We’d love to see her in a sort of alien-love role type movie with our favorite strongman.

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This one might seem a little far fetched, because Death doesn’t even necessarily possess any recognizable features, practically anyone could cast this character- and because “she’s” one of the most powerful, creepy and misunderstood characters in the Marvel universe. But with the introduction of Thanos & his obsession with courting Death After the credits of the first avengers movie. This could be an ideal role for Beyonce since role won’t require too much Dialog or detailed onscreen Theatrics. Plus Thanos’ Death takes on a Female appearance and becomes a Love interest for the Mad Titan. Additionally, many might not know this but Deadpool (Played by Ryan Reynolds in upcoming deadpan film) is also in love with the female death. 

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Here are some of our honorable mentions:

-Tigra (RAWR)

-Spider- Woman


-Wonder Woman

It’s hard to know for sure on this one where Marvel movie producers and Disney are going to go in talks with Beyonce, but one thing is for sure they will cast more A-List stars for their upcoming films. 

 What do you think? Do you think that Queen B could fill the role of a super- heroine? Or do you think she’d fall flat on her face? Or will Marvel Cast her in a villain type role with eventual good Guy qualities … Well not if she is death anyway. 

Let us know your thoughts Below in the comments. 

Top Characters Beyonce could play in a Marvel Movie!