For those of you still struggling to make your old Turtle beach headphones work with your new Xbox one no worries. Turtles beaches Ear Force XO Seven & the Ear Force XO four will promise to bring your xbox Gaming Experience to life. Also, If you ordered any turtle beach headphones in the past few months turtle beach will be releasing an Adapter for the Xbox one.

Learn more about them below and let us know what you think of Turtle beaches Latest release.

With noise isolating memory foam ear cushions and 50mm speaker drivers the XO 7 proves to be the leader in improving the game audio experience.


For fans of the first person shooter platform the Ear Force XO 7 provides full chat capability with the added option to adjust volume and mix controls.

For the portable gamer, The Ear Force is able to attach wirelessly both to the X Box one and various mobile devices. Catering to the less then stationary gamer these customized head phones come equipped with fold flat ear cups to rest on your shoulders adding comfort to an already great listening experience. Taking into prospective the prices on premium listening devices, priced at $159.99 it would be hard to find a better fit for your gaming.
Also being released from turtle beach is the Ear Force XO 4.

Made with the same 35 years of audio experience as the XO 7, the XO 4 provides a more portable and affordable model. Wireless connection to both mobile gaming devices and tablets allows you to enjoy your music, video, or gaming with top audio quality. Although priced at 99.99 don’t think that the drop in price is a sign of a drop in value. The design of both models gives just as much style as comfort in a more lightweight model. The good news for X Box fans is when you buy an Ear Force headset for the X Box 360, and then upgrade to X Box 1 Turtle beach will give you a free upgrade. Being released February 14, 2014 fans will be able to purchase both the XO 4 and the XO7 online or at your local electronics department.

Turtles Beaches Ear Force XO Seven & the Ear Force XO four