Recently departed The Walking Dead cast member Chandler Riggs told the crowd at Fandemic Tour Sacramento about his dream role.

Riggs, who spent 8 years appearing as Carl Grimes on the zombie-apocalypse hit show, told con-goers about his love for the popular novel “Ender’s Game.” When Riggs found out the book was being turned into a film, he considered it his dream role to play the lead. But what Riggs’ Andrew Wiggins performance would look like will remain a mystery, since the part went to British actor Asa Butterfield. Riggs took the opportunity to repeat a recurring Talking Dead joke, musing about British actors taking American roles.

“But you can’t wear a space helmet if you have a sheriff’s hat on.”

But if the producer Greg Berlatnti wanted to add Riggs to Team Flash, negotiations probably wouldn’t be too bad. Riggs was asked which universe he would prefer to act in, Marvel or DC. And despite the whispers of “Marvel” in the audience, Riggs said he would probably want to work in the DC Universe, citing the Scarlet Speedster’s series as a particularly desirable landing place.

“Does the Star Labs vision package give a discount if you only have one eye?”

He considers it one of his favorite shows, and got the wistful fan look in his own eyes talking about his love for the CW program. If he did ever end up on the show, we’re sure he’d be a great addition – and everyone would likely be happy to see him working with two eyes again.


If Chandler Riggs was cast on The Flash, would you want him to play an established or newly-written character?

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TWD’s Chandler Riggs on His Dream Role