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Pokemon Go looks set to be the latest big hit from the Pokemon franchise. Available on iOS and Android, here’s all you need to know about the new release in this Pokemon Go Guide.


What’s New with Pokemon Go?
Nintendo has transformed the way you knew Pokemon, that game on your handheld device, into a genuine real life experience. You still have to catch ’em all, but the gameplay is more lifelike than ever. Instead of being stuck inside your device, these Pokemons appear as if they actually exist, as you look at them through your phone camera. (Augmented Reality)

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How to Play Pokemon Go (Pokemon Go Guide)
The objectives of the game have largely remained the same – you need to catch Pokemon by throwing red and white pokeballs at it. To move around, all you have to do is walk around with your phone, locate the Pokemon you wish to catch, and throw a ball at it by swiping the screen.

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Finding the Pokemon isn’t easy, however. They are located all around the real world and the only way to find them is to pro-actively go out looking for them. There’s no room for laziness in this game!

Some Pokemon are harder to catch than others. Each one will have a green, yellow or red ring around it – green being the easiest, red being the toughest. Subsequently, just throwing pokeballs at some Pokemon isn’t enough to capture them. You may need to go in search of special pokeballs or try and trick them (hint: berries!).

What are Pokemon Go Berries?
Use Pokemon Go Razz Berries to help you capture difficult pokemon. Utilize the Razz Berries when trying to capture pokemon with Red or orange circles. The effect of the Razz Berries does not stack so be sure to only use one at a time.

Once you have caught your Pokemon, you can then prepare to send them into battle. Over time, your Pokemon may transform into more powerful versions of themselves.

What are Pokemon Go Teams
Pokemon Go has a variety of gyms and teams in the world. Gyms are located by the big red colored towers on the map, which can be accessed upon reaching level 5.

Once in a gym, Professor Willow will inform you of the three different teams that you can join: Team Mystic (blue), Team Instinct (yellow) and Team Valor (red) – each team has its own ideas about how to achieve success.

After picking a team, you can begin placing your Pokemon in gyms. However, only one of your Pokemon is allowed in each gym. Hence, to really excel in Pokemon Go, you need to cooperate with others and build strong gyms together. As your gym earns prestige, it goes up through the levels. The higher level your gym, the more difficult it is to beat.
Pokemon Go Plus Device
The Pokemon Go Plus device is set to enhance your gameplay further. Due to be released in late July 2016, the device will allow users to play the game without needing to be glued to their smartphones. It simply connects up via Bluetooth and will keep players in touch with what’s happening. For example, if a Pokemon is wandering around nearby, the device will buzz, so you can pull out your phone and catch it.
Pokemon Go Server Issues
As could perhaps have been expected with such a unique concept, Pokemon Go has had a few teething problems upon launching with the servers, which have persistently crashed as Nintendo rolled the game out globally. This is thought to be due to the huge demand the game has seen – must be all of those 90s kids recapturing their childhood! (Me included!)

Top Tips
To ensure you become a pro in double quick time, take heed of these Pokemon Go guided tips.

Stay away from the in-game purchases. While it may be tempting to spend real money and get ahead, there really is no need to do so in Pokemon Go. Persistence is rewarded, as is skill. Battling at the gym may help bring a few in, while regular trips to the PokeStops to pick up items will stand you in good stead too.

It’s also worth noting that the Pokemon you come across can vary depending on what time of day it is. If you seem to be finding lots of duplicates, it may be worth going back to the same spot later on in the day and try your luck again.

Additional Info and Pokemon Go tips:

What are the Pokemon Go eggs?
The eggs go in an incubator and after you walk for a certain distance your egg will hatch and reveal a pokemon. Most smart phones have step data tied to them so the app will track how long you walk and how far you go. To Put eggs into Incubators simply add them use an incubator and add your discovered egg to it. Once inside the incubator will tell you how far you have to walk to hatch it. (Go exercise lol)

More tips to come as we are still getting deep in the trenches! 

The Ultimate Pokemon Go Guide & Tips