So Walmart has announced that they will be opening the stores MUCH earlier this year and promise that users will see better deals and promotions.

Last year we remember that Walmart open stores for Black friday around 6pm but Deals were not available until Midnight and some not available until 6am Friday morning. This caused alot of Chaos and shoppers to leave the stores before the sales. Below we have an Exclusive of the Walmart Black Friday 2013 circular and also door busters and promotions.

Duncan Mac Naughton, Walmart’s chief merchandising and marketing officer.

“Almost everybody is moving at least one hour up,” he said. “We thought that was the best time to ‘win the weekend.’ It’s going to be a competitive market. With six fewer days to Christmas, Black Friday’s going to play an even more important role.”

That being said we are really looking forward to getting some deals this walmart black friday 2013.

Walmart Black Friday 2013 Deals click image for Deals link!

Xbox 360 Value Bundle


Walmart Black Friday 2013 Video Games

Video gamers were in luck last Black Friday, as retailers offered tons of jaw-dropping deals. Wal-Mart sold more than 30 PS3/Xbox360 games for $15, Dishonored was sold at Meijer for $29.99, and GameStop offered Rocksmith Guitar and Bass (X360) for $49.99 ─ just to name a few!

Expect amazing deals on PS3 and Xbox360 video games again this year, as the arrival of PS4 and Xbox ONE is on the horizon. If you’re planning to keep the older gaming systems, you’ll be able to score some great bargains. For example, WalMart may offer 60 to 90 percent off popular games this Black Friday. Remember though, if you’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new PS4 or Xbox ONE, don’t buy the older games as they won’t be compatible with the new systems. So this will also open things up for Walmart to Clear the inventory of the older systems with GREATLY Reduced prices. SO look out for Walmart black friday 2013 Xbox 360 and PS4 Deals.

Walmart Black Friday 2013