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Hey Big Apple geeks, need a drink?

New York City has plenty of comic book shops, from the mega to the tiny. It has gaming locations. It has immersive virtual reality experiences. But what it doesn’t have? A place you can argue Vibranium versus Nth metal over a beer and have the bartender break the stalemate!

The Waypoint Tavern team hopes to change all that. In their introductory video, they explain their mission to bring the real-life Gotham it’s first geek-dedicated bar. But they can’t do it alone!

The team is taking donations on Indiegogo so they can open by August 2016 and bring geek culture to NYC’s East Village neighborhood. From movie nights to Rock Band karaoke to Stormtrooper delivery uniforms, these folks want to bring you drinks, eats and a real fun time.

Some of the sweet perks donating will get you (other than having a geek bar in the city): free drinks, custom rules on board games, your favorite quote inscribed into their books and a four-hour open bar! But one of the coolest: a loyalty reward. The Waypoint+ membership (which comes with many of the Indiegogo donations) rewards you with one point per dollar you spend, building up to free birthday drinks, gift cards, and more.

Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram…and be sure to donate to help get this bit of geek culture off the ground and into our lives!

Waypoint Tavern Needs You To Be A Hero