Wesley Snipes - Gallowwalkers
We have waited and we have been rewarded with a New Wesley snipes movie brought to us by Vision Music Incorporated. The movie is called “Gallowwalkers” and stars Wesley Snipes as “Aman” who is cursed and every cowboy he kills comes back to life. Its a far fetch from the movie quality of the blade movies and i dont think Wesley really employyes his martial arts skills in this movie but its good to see him back on the big Screen!

Check out the trailer below for “Gallowwalkers” Starring Wesley Snipes.


Gallowwalkers is the story of a mysterious gunman, Aman (Snipes), the son of a nun, who breaks her covenant with God to ensure his survival. Her break with God curses her son to be hunted by all those who die by his hand – When he takes revenge on a gang that murdered his love, the gang rises as a cursed crew of undead warriors and hunt him mercilessly, seeking their ‘dying’ revenge.Directed and written by Andrew Goth and Joanne Ray, Gallowwalkers is executive produced and produced by Jack Bowyer and produced by Courtney Lauren Penn, and Brandon Burrows of Boundless Pictures.

Wesley Snipes - Gallowwalkers

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