The MAD TITAN, Lover of Death Herself The Villain to Villains. Thanos Has Many names And seems to be the only Villain in the Marvel universe who doesn’t seek to rule the universe or Gain riches or an Empire. His only interest is Death. The destruction of Everything and the bitter sweet comfort of the eternal entity “Death” Personified as his one true love. In the comics and his occasional TV appearances Thanos has always spiked interest from the masses as the ultimate villain  the one thing he has lacked in the modern Age is a new origin Story. Thanos has had many runs in the Marvel Galactic universe from his fights with everyone from Galactus to the Avengers and even a few Run ins with the “Guardians of the Galaxy” (who he beat on so Bad they had to form a New team!)

But in a recent interview with Jason Aaron and Simone Bianchi team up to create a comic series that aims to not explore Thanos and his next Villainous Venture but to look at “Who is Thanos” , How he was created in to the Death worshipping Being Known as the Mad titan. “Thanos Rising” is a Limited series that will begin this April and also run along with the new Guardians of the Galaxy Comics set to start this fall. We will get a chance to see Thanos as a child on his home planet Titan and get to know the characters around him such as his father “Mentor” and Mother “Sui-San” and other characters who have an influence on him both good and bad. But even the good influences in his life cant account for his seriously Bad taste in Women! Thanos Falls in love and everyone around him is doomed because of it.

Thanos Hit the big screen this Summer making an Appearance at the end credits of the Avengers movie and set the world aflame with searches of people trying to find out who this new / Old villain is and how he will tie into the Marvel universe. With Thor 2 in post -Production and Guardians of the Galaxy set to start filming this summer in london along side Captain America 2: Winter Solider. Thanos will have a Integration in all the films that will eventually lead up to Avengers 2! Where the Avengers and the Guardians are set to face off in the Movie Battle of ALL battles against Thanos and his forces.  This battle will be so Huge that will have to take place in outer space and its going to take 3 – 4 movies just to lead up to the movie that will be the possible end or Beginning of the Thanos Legend. Maybe final battle can take place on the destroyed home planet of Thanos himself “Titan”! That would be awesome!

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