The ten rings that the Mandarin wear represent alot more then just fashion or some terrorist organization. The origin of the rings go hand & hand with the origin on the Mandarin himself. But first lets talk about the origin of the Mandarin and how he became the conquering mad scientist we all know and love to hate.

The Mandarin was the son of one of the richest men in Qing Dynasty China a direct descendant of Genghis Khan. After he was born both his mother and father died and he was raised by his aunt who had a nasty predisposition towards the world. Raising the Mandarin with the exact mindset towards the world around him, she spent the families left over fortune that he inherited training him in all forms of martial arts and scientific schooling. Eventually they ran out of money and were kicked from his home castle and birthplace. Vowing to get revenge on the government that evicted him from his home he searched for ways to get his revenge using technology. His journey eventually lead him to “Valley of Spirits”, a valley close to the village he was raised that no one had set foot in for centuries.

There he found an alien space craft that belonged to a race called the “Makluan“, on the ship he found the skeleton Axonn-Karr. He studied Makluan Science and technology for many years until he mastered it. On the ship he also found 10 rings that were used as the propulsion system for the ship. He manipulated the rings so he could control them with thought, and used them to get revenge on the surrounding chinese villages and then eventually the chinese government.

His conquest lead him to acquire stark technology which then Iron Man gets involved and tries to stop the Mandarin from using his tech. Now the Mandarin knows that Tony Stark (Iron Man) stands in between him and world domination, so the battle begins.

Below is some detailed information about the Mandarin’s ten rings and their abilities.


Digit Left Hand Right Hand
Little finger
Ice Blast
The ring emits waves of cold which can be used to stun an opponent. The ring usually causes the air in the path of its blast to turn to ice, and can lower an object’s temperature to nearly absolute zero.
Black Light
The ring can create an area of absolute blackness that seems to absorb all light used within it. Although “black light” is a term used to refer to ultraviolet radiation, the darkness created by the ring is probably a form of the “darkforce” used by Cloak, Darkstar, and the Shroud.
Ring Finger
The ring magnifies the wearer’s own psionic energy, allowing him to place one or more people under his mental control and to transmit orders to them mentally. Most frequently used to create illusions.
Disintegration Beam
The ring emits a beam of energy that destroys all bonds between the atoms and molecules of the object it strikes. This ring needs twenty minutes to recharge after use.
Middle Finger
The ring emits electricity in amounts at intensities mentally determined by the wearer. The maximum current attainable is not known.
Vortex Beam
The ring causes the air to move about at high speed in a vortex. The vortex can be used as an offensive weapon, as a means of levitating objects, or as a means of propelling the ring’s wearer through the air.
Index Finger
Flame Blast
The ring emits infrared radiation, or heat, at intensities mentally determined by the wearer. Usually the heat produces flame through incandescing the molecules in the air in the path of the blast. The heat beam can be used to trigger chemical explosions. The maximum amount of heat it can generate is not known.
Impact Beam
This ring can project various forms of energy, most frequently that of fast neutrons with great concussive force. The ring has also been used to project intense sonic vibrations and to create magnetic waves to attract or repel objects. The ring may be capable of emitting other forms of energy as well, and has been used to send Iron Man slamming through a mountain.
White Light
This ring can emit various forms of energy along the electromagnetic spectrum. Has been used to create gravity powerful enough to make Iron Man bury himself by trying to walk forward.
Matter Rearranger
This ring can rearrange the atoms and molecules of a substance, or speed up or slow down their movement, so as to produce various effects. The ring has been used to condense water vapor in the air to liquid water, to solidify gasses, to create lethal poison gas from the air, to turn a group of men to stone, to turn a man into a beetle, to turn a mountain into a rock-monster, and to make a stone hand large enough to engulf Iron Man’s body erupt from the floor. The ring cannot transmute elements or rearrange the atoms and molecules of Iron Man’s magnetic-beam reinforced armor.


The snow might be a result of The Mandarin using his Ice Blast. After taking a look at what these rings can do its understandable how he might be able to kick Iron Man’s ass.

ANd this might be a result of a punch to the face from the Mandarin. lol

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