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So By now we have all seen the Trailer and alot of people may be wondering who exactly is the Metal armed soldier with the red star tattoo going head to head with Captain America?

So here is some background and his origins May surprise you … or maybe not!

Who is the Winter Soldier?

The Winter soldier is none other then Captain Americas Old sidekick and teammate, James Buchanan (Bucky) Barnes. How you ask?

Here is the short Version: (Movie Details have changed story Slightly)

In the first Captain America Movie Bucky was last seen falling out of the Damage train car after sneaking on board with Captain America and the rest of his team.
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But Bucky Did not Die after falling from the train, but he did lose his left are. In the comics Bucky and Capt were attempting to Board a Plane and Bucky falls off and into the Icy waters of the arctic. And Ironically finds himself being ICED just like Captain America was for 70 years. Who know what happened in the movie story but what seems to remain the same is that he lost his arm in the fall and the russians found him locked into the ice while they were looking for Captain America. When they found him they examined his Body looking for any traces of the super solider Serum but found nothing and placed him in cryostasis sleep.

He then plunged into the icy waters only to undergo the same process his mentor had. After the war had ended, a Russian submarine hoping to recover and capture the missing Captain America (Steve Rogers) instead found the preserved body of Bucky. After being retrieved and examined for any traces of the Super Soldier serum, his body was placed in cryostasis.

Later, he was revived and outfitted with a replacement bionic arm which had been made after a Soviet spy had recovered schematics for cybernetic appendage. The arm was to be replaced by a newer and more advanced one every time there was an improvement in their technology. While he had no memory of his past, Barnes still had considerable physical skill. He was indoctrinated to hate the West and was provided with mental implants during sensory deprivation, molding him into the perfect assassin. It was during this period that he met Natasha Romanoff, whom he helped train in combat while she was undergoing espionage training. In the Movie we may see that Black widow knows the Winter soldier from the past but had No idea that Captain America Knew him as Bucky Barnes.

SO there you go! Check out the Photos Below from the recently released Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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Who is the Winter Soldier? [Captain America: The Winter Soldier]